5 Reasons to buy Honda CB200X

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters has launched the Honda CB200X in August 2021. The company projected it as a urban commuter motorcycle with certain off-road capabilities. Although, it is not an adventure motorcycle but it has been given the look of an ADV. This motorcycle with transformer looks is an amazing deal for the city rides and the package costs only ₹1.45 lakh (Ex-showroom, Bhopal). There could be many reasons to buy it but we have shortlisted 5 Reasons to buy Honda CB200x. Have a look at it;

1Handling and riding comfort of Honda Cb200X is one of the best in the category. With wide handle bars, comfortable seat and front set foot-pegs give you the riding comfort of a cruiser motorcycle. The ergonomic triangle of the motorcycle is quite big in area which ensures the relaxed riding postures. The foot-pegs and handle bars are set in such way that you can easily stand while riding the motorcycle while moving through the rough patch.


2 Modern features like all LED set-up with knuckle guards embedded with LED winkers, which is commonly known as indicators. The Knuckle guards and winkers looks premium like comes in some luxury ADV motorcycle. Other attractive features are;

  • On-tank key,
  • Up-swept exhaust
  • Dual petal disc brakes
  • Showa gold anodized front forks
  • Manually adjustable Mono shock
  • Fully Digital Liquid Crystal Meter
  • And the feature in great demand, the hazard lamps
  • Alloy wheels
  • Engine kill switch
  • Cool graphics

3 Honda CB200X is a Complete Urban trooper motorcycle with the looks and certain features of an adventure motorcycle. The company advertised it as a complete package for the urban rides. With comfortable seating and handling, you can go miles in the urban setting on weekdays while on weekends, you can go for a refreshing short off-road trip. The features that resembles like an ADV are Up-swept exhaust, raised & swaged handlebar, under cowl, up-right riding posture, mono-shock , up-side down front forks plus the cool looking knuckle guards, if you for the dirt track. Although, it has all looks of an ADV but it is not a proper ADV motorcycle, you cannot push its limits, as an Urban trooper it is a complete package.


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4 It is a pocket friendly motorcycle which just costs ₹1.45 lakh (Ex-showroom, Bhopal). With amazing features and looks it is very competitive pricing. Initial cost isn’t the only factor that is economical, it also gives the mileage of 40-45 kmpl. If Honda could’ve made it a complete ADV, it would have been an amazing deal for the adventure loving riders in India; the trend which continuously on rise since last 2-3 years. The maintenance cost is also nominal as it is a Honda product and everyone knows how much does it cost the buyer to maintain the Honda vehicles.


5 As CB200X is a Honda machine, there is no doubt about its engine performance. The engine quite refined and performs well all through out the rev range. There isn’t much vibration visible in the motorcycle. The transmission is smooth which gives you confidence for adventure like terrain. Engine sounds refined and perform well in the mid range which makes the ride enjoyable. It also does well around 95 kmph without feeling like it is working too hard, we have reviewed it and in our experience we found that the vibrations are well isolated and when you go into the mid-range it does not get shaky and trembling.


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