5 Reasons to Buy Yamaha R15M & R15 V4

Yamaha launched Yamaha R15M & R15 V4 on 21st September through a live event in India. These beautiful machines are still based on the older engine that came in Version 3.0 with some modifications here and there. Where as the aesthetics has got the beautiful, beefed up & bolder updates.

Yamaha India has launched R15M & R15 V4 recently, the good thing about the launch is that these machines have been launched first in India than the other countries. This means, Yamaha is focusing on the great in population, the youngsters of India. All the older versions of R15 has got the great popularity among the youngsters of India. Now, in 2021 Yamaha has offered an amazing deal for the sport-bike lovers in India with limited budget. Also, the aesthetics they have upgraded are top notch in quality and can give a tough competition to any expensive sport-bike. Let’s just learn, what are the reasons that one could buy Yamaha R15M & R15 V4.

The basic difference between the Yamaha R15 M & R15 V4 is that the former is fully loaded motorcycle with features like Quick-Shifter, front suspension caps, 3D logo & beautiful racing lines on the tank, blue colored alloys & front calipers, Grey colored Swing-arm & muffler Guard and carbon fiber textured seat; where as the latter lacks these things but you can upgrade it with the quick shifter as an option. There is one more edition of Yamaha R15M with the MotoGP Monster Livery. In the Monster livery edition all features are same, its just the MotoGP Monster livery that had been changed.

1 Both, Yamaha R15M & R15 V4 gives you a big bike feel in comparatively less budget. The way it looks like any premium and expensive Sport-bike, however its ex-showroom price range starts from INR 1.67 Lakh. It is inspired by its elder sibling Yamaha R7 and has taken many of its aesthetics. The R15M is look alike of R7 which costs around INR 10 Lakh. So, it is a win-win deal for the youngsters, who are willing to buy their first motorcycle with the features like any premium bike in less budget.

2 Although, it provides all the features like a Sport-bike, delivers a good amount of power and torque, reaches to impressive high speed range, still it delivers an amazing Mileage of around 40kmpl, which could also improve according to your riding habits. It seems like, Yamaha has hit the most important chord of the Indian buyers, ‘Deti kitna hai?’ (Translates to ‘how much does it give’). The mileage matters a lot for the Indian buyers as the fuel prices are continuously rising and it is becoming tough for the buyers to manage their fuel budgets. Taking into account that Yamaha R15M & R15 V4 is going to be popular among the youngsters, mainly college going, the mileage factor must excel to take them into confidence.

3 Fastest motorcycle in 155cc category in India. With the small engine and beefed up look of some premium Sport-bike, it also performs with great power and torque delivery. Not only this, it also fly like a thin air and beats most of its rival motorcycles on the track or may be on the Indian roads, accordingly. The category Yamaha targeting also have the thrill of high speed, so it is perfect for them.

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4 Presence of racing technologies like Traction control, Slip & Assist Clutch and a Quick-Shifter. Although in a motorcycle of 155cc category these features are more than the requirement but still Yamaha comes out with all guns blazing to attract the youngsters and to give them a taste of expensive Super-bikes. There is no Auto-Blipper because Quick-shifter in itself is more than required. The Quick-shifter doesn’t comes as standard in R15 V4 but you can get it as an add on from the dealership itself in INR 2000 approx. Only Racing Blue Edition of R15 V4 gets the Quick-shifter as standard. The presence of Traction control is also an extra thing for the kind of motorcycle it is. The R15 Version 3.0 was in itself offered a great stability with its good and wide tires. Along with the Traction control the rear tire has also got an upgrade. This time Yamaha has provided R15M & R15 V4 with super wide 140/70 R17 Tire. Where as, the Slip and Assist clutch helps the rider with the smoother downshifts without affecting the performance.

5 It is one best looking motorcycles in India. Indeed it is the one of the best looking Sport-bike with Fully Faired super-sport type design. it gives you looks and glamour of R7 in under INR 2Lakh. The blessing in disguise is that it was always the best selling sport-bike in India since the launch of its Version 1.0 back in 2008, so you don’t have to worry about its service and maintenance. Further, if you are still not getting the vibe of a Super-bike, Yamaha has given you the option by launching Limited MotoGP Monster Livery Edition. Yes, you can be Valentino Rossi in under INR 2Lakh only. The Monster Edition has got the branding of Monster Energy, Yamahalube, Eneos with M Stickers all over the motorcycle. The Ex-showroom price of all the variants are shared below;

S.noVariantPrice (in Lakh)
1.R15M (Metallic Grey) INR 1.77
2.R15M (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP edition)INR 1.79
3.R15 V4 (Metallic Red)INR 1.67
4.R15 V4 (Dark Knight)INR 1.68
5.R15 V4 (Racing Blue)INR 1.72

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