ALH MK-III Dhruva deployed for Flood Relief Operations

Indian Navy has inducted three all weather Advanced Light Helicopters to boost Maritime Reconnaissance and Coastal Security(MRCS) capabilities of the Navy . Recently, ALH MK-III Dhruva has been deployed for the first time for disaster and relief operations by the Indian Navy’s Flood Rescue Team in Mumbai.

Recently, The newly inducted HAL ALH MK-III Dhruva participated in various flood relief operations due to prevailing extreme rainfall conditions in Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. Let’s get to know more about these machines.

The choppers built by HAL were inducted after water gun salute at Naval Air Station, INS Dega in Vishakhapatnam (Eastern Naval Command). ALH Mk-III helicopters are also equipped with M3M 0.50 caliber GAU machine gun and a removable ICU for medical airlift. With 19 new improvement over the previous versions, the modern features include radar, emergency locating device, electro-optics sensors and medical rescue, functional in both day and night .


  • Maritime Surveillance & interdiction
  • Search &Rescue
  • Casualty Evacuation
  • Law Enforcement
  • VIP Ferry
  • Troop Transport
  • Underslung load carrying capacity

Powered by Two Shakti Turbo Shaft Engines (Ardiden 1H1) the helicopter can fly at max 124 knots for max of 3h 25m with internal tank and 4h with auxiliary fuel tank . The engine made with SAFRAN is dual centrifugal compression ,reverse combustion chamber and two stage power turbine .

Credits : Safran Helicopters


  • ELM 2022 Radar: Range more than 300 km, IFF system, creates 2d picture of a target for tracking.
  • Electro optical payload CoMPASS: short distance recon and surveillance- thermal imager, laser range finder, color camera TV, imager, laser illuminator and designator laser.
  • UHF/VHF Antenna .
  • Auto- deployable Emergency locator transmitter.
  • Dunking Sonar.

These helicopters are a part of modernization drive of Indian Navy. Indian Navy has also cleared induction of Anti-submarine warfare helicopters MH-60 Romeo, Aerial Reconnaissance planes P8-I and recent clearance to six submarines under Project-75 .

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