Journey of JAWA Motorcycles | From JAWA 500 OHV to Latest Special Editions

JAWA Motorcycles were a dream of many youngsters once, slowly the charm went down with time and now Jawa is again doing its magic by getting into the minds of many youngsters. Recently, JAWA came up with JAWA 42 and two special editions to commemorate the great fight put up by Indian Army against Pakistan Army back in 1971. Starting in 1929 in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s unbelievable how long JAWA has come from their first motorcycle released in 1929.

Origin of JAWA:

František Janeček was a worker in armament industry. He knew nothing about automobiles or motorcycles in particular but he had a fine understanding of production techniques. He just wanted to start a company that makes fantastic motorcycles and he got that opportunity when German company, Wanderer decided to stop production. They were not sure that they will be able to compete with BMW. Janeček saw an opportunity and introduced the first model on October 23, 1929 using the initials of “Janiček” and “Wanderer” to name it Jawa-500 OHV.

This bike was a 500-cc model with a four-cycle engine with 12 kW of power. For every 100 km, it used 6 litre of fuel. The bike was meant to fail but strangely enough, it survived in post-depression society. JAWA bike was considered reliable and people were buying it even at higher prices.

During the economic recession, simpler and cheaper bikes were needed JAWA introduced JAWA 175. It was lightweight with better mileage. They sold 3000 bikes in the first year. In the next fourteen years, around 28 thousand units were sold. This marked the success of JAWA bikes. Even though society was going through an economic recession it never impacted the JAWA motors much.

After the death of the founder Janeček in 1941, the postwar production of JAWA 250/350 motorcycles restarted.

In the 1960s JAWA invented an automatic clutch for motorcycles. It was such a huge success that other companies copied their invention and thus had to pay a heavy royalty to JAWA motors for using their invention.

  • Jawa-500-OHV-OnwayMechanic
  • 1931-Jawa-175-History-OnwayMechanic
  • 1939-Jawa-350-SV-History-of-Jawa-Motorcycles
  • Jawa-Perak-Journey-of-Jawa-Motorcycles-OnwayMechanic
  • Jawa-42-2021-OnwayMechanic
  • Jawa-Special-Editions-khaki-Midnight-Grey-motorcycles-OnwayMechanic

JAWA in India:

Ideal Jawa India Ltd based in Mysore started the production of Jawa bikes in 1960 under the name of the brand name JAWA, changed it in 1973 to Yezdi. The company stopped production in 1996. JAWA bikes produced under the Ideal JAWA India ltd are collectable items now.

In the years 1932, 1933 & 1935 Jawa Motorcycles also entered the famous ISLE OF MAN TT races.

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For more than 20 years nothing happened. Suddenly in 2016, Mahindra decided to start production of JAWA bikes in India. Pithampur was the base of operation. In 2018 Classic Legends(Mahindra’s subsidiary) launched 3 JAWA bikes

  • JAWA 300
  • JAWA Fourty-Two
  • JAWA Perak

In 2021, they introduced JAWA 42 (Yes, the one with name as numbers and the one with alphabets are different models). Basically, it is JAWA forty-two with a modified appearance.

Pithampur is an industrial area situated in Dhar district near Indore. This area is hub of major automotive companies like Volvo-Eicher. Further, in the same area Asia’s Largest Automotive Testing Track-NATRAX is also situated, which was recently inaugurated by the Heavy Industries Ministry.

JAWA 42:

Jawa 42 is a more modern and urban offering. Jawa 42 shares some technical specifications with JAWA 300.

  • 293-cc engine.
  • Front disc
  • Rear drum
  • single-channel ABS
  • Fuel injection system
  • Liquid-cooled engine with radiator

Classic JAWA 300 has more chrome than JAWA 42. JAWA 42 has been designed to attract young riders. JAWA bikes compete with the Royal Enfield bikes on Indian roads. JAWA 42 is going to compete with Royal Enfield Classic 350.

JAWA initiative:

JAWA launched an initiative #foreverheroes to lend a helping hand to the children of martyrs. They auctioned 13 bikes and raised ₹ 1,50,00,000 from just 13 bikes. The entire amount will be used for the education of children of martyrs of the Indian Armed Forces.

Watch it in the video:

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