What Kind of Car is BMW X5 Protection VR6 ?

BMW has unveiled its highly protected BMW X5 Protection VR6 armored-plated SUV. The “VR6” in the name denotes its certified protection rating  At the primary look it is nearly indistinguishable from the usual X5 but is manifestly one of a kind at the protection features. It’s thick aluminum splinter shield protects the powertrain and floor from explosive devices such as HG85 hand grenade. An optional armored roof is even ready for a drone attack. With high-strength steel panels in the doors; the standard X5’s windows have been replaced with 33mm thick, polycarbonate-reinforced glass. Only the driver’s window is electric as standard, although an electric passenger window is an option. There are also aluminum pieces for guarding the underbody and luggage compartment. BMW additionally trimmed  hole to maximize coverage. The panels were molded to match the prevailing form of the vehicle, so it nevertheless looks as if an everyday X5.To create this degree of protection, the existing shape of the vehicle with high-strength steel panels in the doors, side frames, roof, and firewall.

At first glance, BMW X5 Protection VR6 armored vehicle appears as if any other cross over SUV on the road but to obtain the degree of safety, this new armored vehicle is cladded throughout with high-strength steel armor plating which could resist bullets as massive because the 7.62×39-mm spherical from an Kalashnikov AK-47. If your assailant decides to use explosives, then BMW additionally quotes this rig to survive a blast  from 15 kilogram (33 pound) of TNT within  an area of 4 meter square (a little more than 13 feet) away. The features like ‘post-blast protective technology’, which offers protection from back to back attack.

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