5 Things to know before buying Honda H’ness CB350

During 1960’s & 1970’s Honda sold more than 2,50,00 units of CB350 Motorcycles. During those times, CB350 had become the star motorcycle for the youngsters and petrol heads. And now in 2020, Honda has launched its all new CB350 revamped and renamed as Honda H’ness CB350 with all the features of the modern times and a soul of an old Cafe Racer.

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Honda has finally launched its all new Modern-Classic Motorcycle Honda H’ness CB350 based on its old cafe racer CB350, which was quite a famous motorcycle among youngsters during 1960’s.In the market, there was a vacuum regarding a motorcycle with a good engine, cafe racer looks and modern features. Royal Enfield was the only option under the budget in the market although it did not offer all the modern features, a motorcycle should possess in the 21st century. So let’s get to the point, what are the features you must know before buying Honda H’ness CB350.

5 Things you must know before buying Honda H’ness CB350 :

1 It will be sold only in Honda BigWing Showrooms. Honda is planning to launch more than 250 Honda Big wing showrooms all over India within 2 years. There is an assumption among customers that getting its spare parts without Honda Bigwing dealerships would be difficult. Although, Honda is arranging H’ness CB350 on orders at its Red Wing showrooms also.The practice is prevalent in the Tier II cities of India. there is nothing much to worry because Honda is increasing its Big Wing showrooms quite frequently.

Check out our detailed video on Honda H’ness CB350

Note : Honda Bigwing showrooms are Honda’s premium motorcylces outlet selling motorcycles like CBR650R, CB1000R, CBR1000RR-R, Africa Twin, Gold Wing.

2 Honda H’ness CB350 will cost slightly more than its rivals like Royal Enfield Classic 350 & Jawa Perak. But good thing is, H’ness is worth its price tag because of the updated features it offers than its rivals. It can surely be called as Modern classic. It possess the soul of retro/classic motorcycles with all the modern amenities like; LED Head Lamp & Tail Lamp, which is absent in its rivals. Even the premium motorcycles of Royal Enfield like Twin650’s also don’t possess LED Headlamps and tail lamps. We got many requests for same LEDs on our video of Interceptor 650.Below is the link of the same video.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Review

3 The Colour options are limited to only 6. Honda is giving 3 colour options for DLX variant of H’ness CB350 and 3 other colour options for its DLX-Pro variant. You might like the single tone colour of its INR 5000 lesser expensive DLX variant but you might want the features of the DLX Pro, whose Dual Tone colour option might set your mood off. Most important and most talked off feature you will miss about its Pro variant while choosing Single Tone colour is its Honda Smart Voice Control System (HSVCS). Below are the available colour options:

  • DLX – Precious Red Metallic, Matter Marshal Green Metallic, Pearl Night Star Black.
  • DLX Pro – Matte Steel Black Metallic With Matte Massive Grey Metallic, Athletic Blue Metallic With Virtuous White, Pearl Night Star Black With Spear Silver Metallic.

4 Smaller display than its rivals like Benelli Imperiale, Classic & Meteor. Although, it possess HSVCS but to experience it, you will have to use its small display. Honda could have chucked out a smaller smart display beside the main display like the Royal Enfield did in its all new Meteor for the navigation. Honda H’ness CB350 display features an analogue speedometer.

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5 Although it outperforms Royal Enfield Classic 350 in acceleration, obviously, because of its lower weight but it is outperformed by Royal Enfield’s all new Meteor 350 in higher gears. Moreover, a happy thing is in lower gears it has no match in 0 to 60 kmph and in 0 to 100 kmph acceleration test, it wins. Moreover, H’ness CB350 lags in 3rd gear acceleration from 30 to 70 kmph And in 50 to 80 kmph.

Credits : Autocar India

Verdict :

Honda has finally paid heed to the customer issues in available classic motorcycles like Royal Enfield Classic 350, Perak and Imperiale by addressing the lack of features in those motorcycles without disturbing the essence of its classic character of old Honda CB350. It possess good LED lights, modern bluetooth connectivity, charging point, slipper clutch, traction control/Honda Selectable Torque Control and the list continues. We hope Honda expands its new BigWing showrooms all over the country soon and addresses its colour option range for the customers.

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