PAL-V: A Car that flies, A plane that Drives.

Around 117 years ago Wright brothers invented the plane. Around 145 years ago, Carl Benz applied for a patent for his “vehicle powered by a gas engine”. Since then, people are dreaming about the fusion of the two. A compact car that can fly. Every time travel movie ever made features a flying car, we get obsessed with it. But it was a work of fantasies till now. Pal-V has announced that their first car Pal-V Liberty is all set to hit the road. Car is in production phase. Car is entirely safe to ride on the road.

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The manufacturers claim that it is,

Inspired by nature, engineered by man and evolved over time, the PAL-V Liberty is a ground-breaking product that inaugurates the age of the flying car. The PAL-V Liberty is a marriage between safety and fun, designed to satisfy the most demanding customers.


PAL-V Liberty is designed by the Italian design houses. Italy is known for its elegant and slick designs. The car looks beautiful and refined shapes and colors were used all in pursuit of perfection in shape.

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Capacity2 persons
Mass Empty664 kg
Max load20 kg
Max take-off weight910 kg
Fuel Capacity100 liter
Dimensions in Drive-mode4m x 2m x 1.7m
Dimensions in flight-mode6.1m x 2m x 3.2m
Rotor diameter10.75m
Technical Specifications

Dutch Technology:

Netherlands have been astonishing the world with their breakthroughs in technology and product engineering. Dutch engineers have put blood, sweat and tears into creating a trailblazing flying car out of a mere fantasy.

At PAL-V, we aim for excellence. Therefore, we only use state of the art proven technology in our flying. We have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers in the world to guarantee a flying car that meets the aviation standards.

Car Specifications:

Max Speed160 km/h
0-100 km/h<9 seconds
Engine power100 hp
Milage7.6 liter / 100 km
Range1315 km
Drive Mode

Flight mode specifications:

Cruise speed140 km/h
Max Cruise speed180 km/h
Min speed50 km/h
Engine power200 hp
Maximum Altitude3500 m
Useful load246 kg
Landing roll distance30m
Fuel Economy26 l/h
Take-off roll180 m
Take off distance330 m
Max Range400 km
Max Range single person operation500 km
Flight mode

The Pioneer Edition:

As soon as Nicolas Cugnot invented the automobile and the Wright brothers made their first successful flight, people started dreaming of combining the two into a flying car. It turned out to be more complicated than initially estimated – a complex puzzle. Nevertheless, once solved it would create ultimate freedom in mobility. The Pioneer Edition is for those that want to be part of the group of 90 that writes history with us. They will be at the forefront of a mobility revolution, where we will no longer have cars that can only drive. They will be the first carflyers in their country, flydriving to any destination

Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V

So, the company has decided to test the car with 90 people first. So this batch is called the Pioneer Edition. People who will sign up for this will be the first people to receive the delivery of PAL-V Liberty.

You can book your car on their official website.

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