Air India One | India’s very own Airforce One like the US’ Arrives in India

Two VVIP Indian Aircrafts, one with call sign ‘ Air India One ‘ arrives in India. It will serve the VVIPs like Ex-officio-President, Vice President and the Prime Minister during their foreign visits.

Highlights :

  • New Boeing 777-300 will be flown by Indian Air Force.
  • The one with call sign ‘Air India One’ will be maintained by Air India engineering Services Limited (AIESL).
  • It is powered by Twin ‘World’s Most Powerful GE90-115BL Jet Engines’ made by General Electric.

Current PM of India, Mr Modi’s love for travel is not hidden from anyone. He holds the record for travelling to foreign lands as Prime Minister. His official travels have greatly improved the inter-state relations with other countries. Now to make this journey much more comfy and secure two new Boing 777-300 have arrived at Delhi airport on October 1, Thursday, after customization for VVIP.

Introduction To Air India One:

Don’t get it confused with Air Force one which is a Plane for American President. Air India One is the call sign of any aircraft with the President or Prime Minister of the country India. The aircraft are operated as VVIP flight by the Indian Air Force. The Air Headquarters Communication Squadron, which is also known as VVIP Squadron, based at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi is responsible for operating these aircraft. There are only three established VVIPs in India as per protocols, they are:

  • VVIP 1: The President.
  • VVIP 2: The Vice-President.
  • VVIP 3: The Prime Minister.

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Current Fleet:

Boeing 777 – 300ER Planes are being commissioned in 2020 and will commence operation from 2021. Apart from Boeing 747-400s, Air Force owns:

  • Four Embraer 135, 14 seater.
  • Four Embraer 145, 20 seater.
  • Three Customized 46 seater Boeing Business Jets.

The Boeing 747 is being used by the Prime Minister, President or Vice President for official overseas visits.

About New Boeing 777-300ER:

The 777-300ER is the Business Market Version of the -300. It has a range of 13,650 Km, can carry 396 passengers at a time and has a extended wingtips and modified main landing gear.

The most talked feature of this plane is its GE90-115B turbofan, the worlds most powerful jet engine with a maximum thrust of 513000 Newton.

India acquired this plane in 2018, then it was sent back to Chicago for modification. Yesterday these planes arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport from the Boeing Headquarters Chicago.

Air India Security Features

While the previous aircraft were piloted by Air India’s Pilot, these new Boeings will be operated as well as Piloted by Indian Air Force but will be maintained by Air India Engineering Services Limited (AIESL). The features of these customized Boeing-777-300ES are:

  • Exterior design is changed a bit to suit the need. The color is changed to make it look distinguishable. Apart from color, on one side Ashoka Emblem is printed and on the other side, Bharat in Hindi and India in English is printed.
  • Interior is modified to take care of the comfort of VVIPs. The jets will have plenty of space. Conference room along with separate seating arrangements for press. Cabins for VVIPs for privacy. A small medical center for any medical emergency.
  • Security Upgrades: The government has requested to buy two SPS from America. These SPS will consist of LAIRCM Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite, Counter Measure Dispensing System(CMDS). The sale will consist of Twelve guardian laser transmitter assemblies, missile warning system, CMDS and Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite.
  • Advance hardware and wiring system: The wiring is twice the size of normal Boeing wiring to make it foolproof. The wiring is done in such a manner to make it inaccessible from outside to avoid tempering.
Customized Beoing 777-300 (Air India One)

These two Boeing will replace the 26-year-old Jumbo Jets. These are with advanced Boeing Defense as well as SPS for retrofitting with latest security and communication systems. The older 747-400s models will be used for commercial purpose now.

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