ATUM 1.0 | First Made-in-India Electric Bike Launched | All Details

Finally, an Indian company had been able to make ATUM 1.0 , First ‘Made-in-India Electric Bike’ A new beginning of electric bikes made in India gives you 100 km on single charge.

  • The new Atum 1.0 is delivering range of 100 km in single charge
  • This bike is equipped with lithium-ion battery that charges in under 4 hours
  • Having a confidence in production team company is giving 2 years of warranty on its battery and lifetime warranty for its frame.
  • Portable Lithium-Battery pack weighs only 6 kg.

With the increasing craze for the Electric Vehicles and also the incentives offered by various State Governments, finally the demand for such vehicles are increasing day by day. Also, we don’t have any India made budget bikes for daily commutation effective enough to be used by lower middle class or teenagers. This was a perfect opportunity for someone to develop a ‘Made-in-India Electric Bike’. While some youngsters were busy playing with their gadgets and some were working hard to build them, to bring a change. The result is quite amazing, Atum 1.0.

About Manufacturing Company:

Atum 1.0 is manufactured by a start-up based in Hyderabad called Atumobile Pvt. Ltd. This is an electric two-wheeler startup founded by Vamsi Gaddam. Atum 1.0 is their first motor-cycle that is available for purchase in the market. Atum 1.0 is available for a price of ₹50,000. Also, Atumobile is a recognized company and has received international certification for its first bike.


About The Atum 1.0:

The Atum 1.0 is an electric motorcycle which is budget-friendly and is fit for inter-city commutation. Atum 1.0 comes at the price of ₹50,000 which is one of the cheapest among all the bikes that are available in the market. Secondly, its an electric bike, made in India that is perfect for the teenagers, who needed a cost-effective alternative for public vehicles. It is suitable for all types of customers including teenagers and elderly people.

Atum 1.0 is certified by the ICAT (International Center for Automotive Technology) as a low-speed vehicle ready for commercial use. We know low-speed vehicles doesn’t need to be registered, nor the rider need any kind of license. So, its perfect for thousands of teenagers who struggle daily to reach their coaching/school/college.

“After three years of hard work and a vision to introduce a sustainable way to commute, we’re extremely delighted to launch Atum 1.0. This vehicle is suited to address the ambitions of Indian customers while serving the purpose, style and comfort. We believe that Atum 1.0 is an important milestone in our larger commitment towards transforming India into a sustainable solution for short-distance travel.”

Vamsi Gaddam, Founder, Atumobile Pvt. Ltd.

Specifications and features:

Atum 1.0 is low-speed bike with speed up to 25 km/hr. It will lead to lesser accidents because of teenage-road-rage. It covers 100 km on a single charge, that’s an impressive range and runs on lithium-Ion battery pack and takes 4 hours to completely charge the battery using a three-pin socket. So, no headache of special charging setup.

Atumobiles team has claimed that the unit consumed per charge is 1 Unit. So depending on the area of residence that will sum up to Rs 7-10 for every 100 Km. That’s a deal-breaker because the petrol bikes gives an average mileage of 40 -50 Km for per liter of petrol. It means average consumption will be 2.25 liter for every 100 Km. So that is a plus point in favor of Atum 1.0. It is powered by a motor of rating 48 V- 250 W.

Design and after-sale details:

It looks stunning in its vintage cafe-rider looks. Some people who have sweet tooth for vintage bikes will surely love it, while sports bike lover may feel disgusted at the sight of it. Surely, Atumobiles will improve their models over time but this one is also stunning. It is available in many colours. Apart from looks it also promises cost-effective usage, low maintenance and zero servicing.

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  • Budget-friendly. Priced at Rs. 50,000.
  • 100 km on a single charge.
  • Low charging cost of Rs 7- 10.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Zero Servicing.
  • Vintage cafe-rider looks.
  • Full-blown bike features like comfy seat, indicator lights, led etc.
  • 5 years+ battery life
  • New manufacturer, so typical Indian style trust issues.
  • Vintage looks not for sports bike lovers.
  • Maximum speed of 25 Km/h. Cons for speed maniacs.
  • Can’t show off like they do with Royal Enfield.


If your commutation is limited to a single city you can go for it. Most suitable for coaching and college-going students, IT employees of Metropolitan Cities, and for countryside.

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