Electric Vehicle Boom To Start Shortly In India| State-wise EV Policies

As we all know, the world is facing the problem of global warming. One of the biggest contributing factors is the emission from the vehicles. Therefore, the Indian government had decided to curb this problem by introducing electric vehicles. One of the major goals of the government is to make roads free from fossil engine vehicles by 2030. Well, now it seems that the central government is no longer as enthusiastic as before. But, the good news is that state governments are trying their best to develop the necessary infrastructure for promoting electric as well as hybrid vehicles. Even they got into a mad race of outdoing each other.Thus, it feels like Electric Vehicle Boom could start shortly in India.

1. Delhi-The Capital.

Delhi, the pollution capital of India has already seen a major decrease in pollution due to lockdown. Now, the state government wishes to make it permanent by introducing the electric as well as hybrid cars on Delhi roads.The state is helping out in the Electric Vehicle Boom in India being a National capital, it would be a motivation for other states.

The Delhi Electric Vehicle policy is one of the better policies among all those announced around the world, targeting to curb the air pollution. We also aim to give boost to economy of Delhi after getting a major setback due to corona virus. This policy will give a strong impetus to the economy of the city

Chief Minister of Delhi.

Some major steps & policies to promote Electric Vehicle culture are:

  1. Introducing 500,000 electric vehicles in the city by 2024.
  2. Creating new jobs including driving, selling, financing and charging of Electric Vehicles.
  3. Offering incentives on buying Electric Vehicles.
  4. New Scrapping Incentive on exchanging conventionally powered vehicles with new Electric Vehicles
  5. A large network of charging station, first 200 charging stations by the end of 2021. Long term goal is charging station at every 3 Km.

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2.Tamil Nadu- Aiming to be EV Hub:

Tamil Nadu is a major automotive manufacturing hub in India. Now they are aiming to become the major electric vehicle hub. Some of the major policy to facilitate in building a mass scale EV market are:

  • On purchase of Two-wheelers 100% tax exemption as well as a waiver on registration fee.
  • The three-seater auto-rickshaws permit fee will be waived, 100 % road tax exemption.
  • On purchase of private cars, road tax will be exempted and the registration fee will be waivered.

Incentives and Support for Charging Stations:

  • The government is taking steps to set up 3×3 Grid Charging station in Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, Salem and Tirunelveli.
  • TANGEGO will set up both slow and fast charging network in public places as well as government institutions.
  • The government will develop schemes with appropriate capital subsidy.
  • Charging stations will be made in commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, cinema halls, apartments, etc.

Telangana targets Rs 23,000 crore investment:

The Telangana government aims to make it a e-vehicles manufacturing hub and to do so they aim to invest Rs 23,000 crore by the year 2030. They also aims to create direct employment of more then 120,000 direct and 250,000 indirect opportunities. The various policies are as follows:

  • 100% road tax and registration exemption for first 200,000 e-wheelers; 5,000 units of four-wheelers and 20,000 electric autorickshaws.
  • The companies investing in the development of infrastructure will be offered 20% fee subsidy max up to 30 crore.
  • 25% discount on the power consumption by the charging stations.
  • Telangana will setup a energy park at Divitapally and plans to set up another plant at Raviryal.
  • Around Rs 1,425 crore will be spent toward incentives and 775 acres of land will made available for EV manufacturers.

“We thank the Telangana Government for the 100 percent exemption of road tax and registration fee on electric vehicles. It benefits the consumers directly and this will definitely support the growth of the electric vehicle industry. This move will also create a people’s movement to opt for green mobility and contribute to environment. The Divitipally energy park will be of a great advantage for the manufacturing establishments and will contribute towards self-reliant India.”

Jitendra Shah , MD, Jitendra New EV tech

Maharashtra- renews approach to be investor’s Favourite:

When everyone is trying to be the manufacturing hub of EV vehicles why would Maharashtra not follow the lead. Automobile sector constitutes around 7% of India’s GDP and half of the country’s manufacturing GDP.As the state has been a leader in many things including in economy, it is trying to also be a part in Electric Vehicle Boom in India.

“Now, we are very keen to set up an electric vehicle manufacturing hub. We are negotiating with many investors and companies We have verified this with the investors as well as the Indian domestic manufacturers. They say that there is nothing wrong, it is a perfect policy, and as time progresses people are bound to come here.”

Subhash Desai, Industries Minister, Maharashtra Government.

Andhra Pradesh’s EV policy going to invest 30,000 crore by 2030.

Many brands such as Isuzu Motors India, Hero MotoCorp, Kia Motors India, Apollo Tyres and Bharat Forge have set up their manufacturing stations in the state.

“The state (Andhra Pradesh) has unveiled ‘Electric Mobility Policy 2018-2023’ with an aim to support every aspect of electric mobility and accelerate adoption of EVs that eventually leads to a healthier environment. This policy mainly emphasizes and encourages manufacturers, charging infrastructure, demand creation, research and development. Andhra Pradesh’s EV policy is looking to attract Rs 30,000 crore of investment by 2030. It is also looking to create jobs for 60,000 people. The state government also aims at making all commercial vehicles go electric by 2030. “

Mekapati Goutham Reddy, Minister of Industries, Commerce, IT & Skill Development, Andhra Pradesh

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