Tuk It 2020: A Race You Will Love

Racing has been one of the most famous kinds of entertainment from ancient times almost every ruler in history was a fan of these fantastic sports where a person or animal tries to leave others behind. Nowadays, we have Moto GP, Formula-one racing, and numerous other racing competitions that are hosted worldwide to entertain the audience. While talking of motor racing if we forgot to mention Redbull then it will be like leaving spice from Indian cuisine. So, Redbull has done one more insane task to entertain race lovers. Redbull has sponsored the Tuk It 2020 event that took place in Sri Lanka.

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What is Tuk-Tuk ?

Most of you know what is Tuk-Tuk. For those who don’t know, tuk-tuk is a motor vehicle with three wheels. Most commonly can be seen in the streets of Southern Asia and is used as public transport for short distances.In India, it is commonly known as “Auto-Rickshaw.The vehicle is also growing very popular in other parts of the world. But no one would have thought in their wildest dreams that these little cute looking vehicles can race. Here is the reason why: –

This race was the fourth edition of the Tuk It race. It covered over 80 Miles which is around half of Sri Lanka. Not only the audience was crazy about the race but also the drivers. Around 200 teams took part in this amazing race which was concluded in two days. The racing track was rather like an obstacle track comprising of forests, muddy jungles, hills, and puddles which would have been a very easy obstacle if any other vehicle would have been used.

All 200 teams started on their three-wheelers on the two-day quest, traveling from Kaluaggala to Dundine Estate and We Oya on the first day. The second-day race started from Galaha to the Finish Line in Dambulla. The teams faced the blowouts, engine failure, and tip-overs but nothing can match the excitement level of the Tuk-Tuk teams.

At the end of the two-day race, Team 93-4 was crowned as the 2020 Tuk It champion. If you are feeling sad about the missed opportunity to witness this marvelous race, then don’t be sad because in October they are coming back with another Tuk-Tuk race and rumors say that it is going to be better than this one. Some even say that this race is going to be 12 days long event.

I guess your perspective about these innocent looking Tuk-Tuk must have changed now. They are as brutal as Formula one cars when given a chance on racing track ;).

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