Flying Car Goes into the Sky with a Man On-board

When I was a child I was fascinated by the things that fly. Just imagine the clouds around you white as snow and fluffy. Then, around 10 years ago I got obsessed with the idea of a Flying car . Everyone was predicting that by 2020 cars will be off-road. Everyone wanted one so that finally they can be actually among clouds. The fancy idea was that when we will look up into the sky it will be full of vehicles flying like birds. Well, Japan was the first country to introduce us to this fancy world of flying vehicles through various anime. Now, they are going to bring it out of the screen and make it a reality. In less than 3 years Tokyo skies will be full of these little Flying cars.

Technology and Its Manufacturers:

Many people have tried building a flying bike and a Flying Car after the drones came into existence. Many of them succeeded but their prototype was not stable enough to be implemented on a commercial scale and also none of the companies gave it a thorough thought. Recently, Skydrive a company that is based in Japan released few videos claiming themselves the skies of Japan using a Flying Car. In the video, a young driver-pilot can be seen inside a Flying Car. The next minute he was in the air and was controlling the vehicle like a pro. He completes the round inside a ring with metal walls. Here is a video of the same.

If we talk about manufacturer then it is none other than Toyota funded Skydrive Inc. The team behind this is called Cartivator, which actually means combination of car and aviator (aviation). This team consists of 30 volunteers working with Masafumi Miwa, a drone expert from Tokushima University. It all started in 2012, when a group of automotive as well as aeronautical engineers started working on the project of flying cars. They raised a hefty amount by public funding to start the StartUp Skydrive Inc.


The current goal of the company is to test its prototype in 2020 and then use it to light the Olympic Torch. Then, they are planning to introduce this model to the public in 2023, 3 years from now. Then, finally they will start the mass production of this car from 2026. They are also planning to build a more sophisticated technology to back up their goals in long run.

The manned flight we have achieved this time is the culmination of SkyDrive’s achievements for technical verification. We have been working on the design of electric propulsion systems, flight control systems, aircraft structures, testing, manifacturing, and introducing monitoring equipment for aircraft conditions during flight testing step by step, and with a considerable sense of speed. We will continue to develop technologies and acquire type certification, so that safe and secure flying car operation services can be launched in fiscal 2023.

Nobuo Kish, CTO

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Japanese Government’s Reaction:

Well, when it comes to innovation Japan is like the birthplace of innovation especially in the field of self-driving techs like robots and drones. Now keeping the tradition alive they allowed Skydrive to test their prototype in public and also granted them permission to light the Olympic torch. Now you can understand how serious they are. Also if rumors can be believed, the Japanese government believes that such cars will be future’s reality and hence decided to make a road-map for such flying vehicles. It means they have already accepted it and are fully convinced with the idea of Flying Car .


Total Length3.6 m
Overall width on road1.7 m
Overall width in flight3.1 m
Height1.1 m
Maximum Flight Speed100 km/h
Maximum Drive Speed60 km/h
Flight Altitude50m
Number of Passengers2
Max takeoff weight400kg
Fuel Battery
*Original features could be different than the mentioned specifications

Key Features:

  • Smaller than other companies’ prototypes.
  • No need for runway, can take off from the road.
  • Intuitive Operation.
Watch the official video here :

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