Shivraj Singh’s New Aircraft | Beechcraft King Air 250 GT

After the Congress government under the leadership of Mr Kamalnath failed miserably, Mr. Shivraj Singh took over the government. Now, after 3 months he decided to replace the existing plane with a new one. The most popular business turboprop in the world, Beechcraft King Air 250 GT is now an official plane for CM Shivraj Singh to fly with. So, We won’t be discussing politics but about the plane.

Highlights :

  • The new aircraft, Beechcraft King Air 250 GT costs around ₹65 crore.
  • Old aircraft of the MP government was in dilapidated condition, costing around ₹8 cr of maintenance annually.
  • At a time, maximum 9 people can travel in it.
  • This aircraft can be used for multi-roles like for Air surveys and as an Air Ambulance etc.

Beechcraft King Air 250 GT:

Beechcraft King Air 250 GT is manufactured by Textron Aviation. It is packed with new touch screen avionics technology, greater passenger comfort, and enhanced payload options to deliver more people to more places and without sacrificing comfort. This makes Beechcraft King Air 250 GT one of the most popular business planes out there. This aircraft is designed to serve in multiple fields. It can be used for aerial surveys, as Air Ambulance, for training, utility, transport, and more.

Shape And Size of Plane:
Length13.36 m
Height4.52 m
Wingspan17.65 m
Wing Area28.8 m
Wheelbase4.55 m
Tread5.23 m

Interior Design:
King Air 250 GT Interior

King Air 250 offers 5 different themes for the interior which are sophisticated and look great. The interior is inspired by the elite auto sports. The interior is in a square-oval shape with plenty of space to be comfortable.

  • The seven-passenger seats are finely crafted and can swivel, recline and literally track as per the passengers’ wish.
  • The smart windows that can be shaded electronically by the passenger to suit his need.
  • The club seating allows you to use tables for business purposes or to just enjoy a lovely meal with friends.

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The five different interior themes offered are:

  • Beechwood
  • Greige
  • Mocha
  • Parchment
  • Silver
Cabin Interior Dimensions And Features:
Height1.45 m
Width1.37 m
Length5.08 m
Maximum Occupants9

Avionics – Controls of the Aircraft:

Textron uses the Proline Fusion technology. It is a touch screen flight deck that simplifies the various operations such as aviation, navigation, and communication. Some Standard Features are:

  • EICAS- Engine Indicating And Crew Alerting System for emergency.
  • FMS- Dual Flight Management System to assist pilots.
  • WXR- Weather Radar System for better weather prediction.
  • ITAWS- Integrated Terrain Awareness And Warning System to alert pilots about incompetent terrain for landing and flight
  • TCAS I – Traffic Alert And Collision Avoidance.
  • AFGS- Automatics Flight Guidance System.
  • Dual Navigation and communication radios for connecting with air traffic control.
  • Pro-Line Fusion Avionics Suite Contains:
    • Three 14 inch touchscreen Displays.
    • Synthetic Vision if there is fog or at night.
    • GFP – Graphical Flight Planning to decide the route graphically.
    • Integrated Charts and Maps to help Pilots in GFP.
ManufacturerPratt & Whitney Canada
Power Rating634 kW
Propellor ManufacturerHartzell
Description4 blade composite,
constant speed,
auto feather.
Maximum Speed574 km/h
Max Range3,185 km
Take off distance2,111 ft
Landing Distance2,645 ft
Max Operating Altitude35,000 ft
Stall Speed148 km/h
Max Limit Speed480 km/h
Max Climb Rate753 mpm
Price Of Plane:

Though initially, Mr. Shivraj Singh had decided to make a purchase worth ₹100 crores or ₹1 billion but later he decided to step down as Madhya Pradesh’s government is facing the lack of money. So they decided to buy Beechcraft King Air 250 GT which costs around ₹65 crore along with maintenance and crew. They sold their other plane which was in really bad shape and was used with regular maintenance for ₹8 crores or ₹80 million.

Something Worth Mentioning:

When King Air landed in Bhopal Airport, it has to be immediately removed from runway because Mr. Kamalnath’s plane was about to land and there was no towing vehicle. So, some police officers rushed to the site immediately and moved the plane by pushing it. Some mischief took the photos of the incident and posted them online claiming the plane was not working.

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