2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition Teased to Mark Historic Wins of 1966

Ford has introduced the 2021 Ford GT Heritage edition to mark their iconic win of Daytona & Le-Mans wins of 1966, once again reminding everyone of the famous ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ rivalry and bringing it to the modern era.

Highlights :

  • Ford has introduced two variants of GT, inspired by the Black, Red & white winning cars of 1966.
  • Other than Heritage variant, a ‘Studio Collection’ has also been introduced & they are limited to 40 units.
  • This edition celebrates the Ford’s first ever 24-hour win, 55 years ago, at the Daytona 24-hour endurance race & also their win ‘Le-Mans’ win after few months.


Ford GT

Ford Motors to celebrate their first ever 24 hour win of Daytona 24-hour endurance race, 55 years ago and ‘Le-Mans’ win later that year.With this edition Ford wants to hit the nostalgia of the mean-machine-lovers about their amazing endurance and Le-Mans win.

Ford has taken care of the shapes and colours to remind everyone of the same winning GT-40 MK II .Symmetric 98 roundel graphics, red accents, ice white exteriors and a carbon-fiber hood plus the Heritage Gold 20-inch alloy wheels & Brembo Red caliper.Meanwhile, you can also have race edition inspired carbon black alloy wheels.

In addition to all the exterior features, most amazing one is, its remotely controlled spoiler, which can be turned on/off at the will of the driver during the drive itself.

According to the Ford, it is all decked in same livery resembling the legendary GT40 MKII.

Interiors of the Heritage Variant :
  • Red Alcantara Performance seats; in which you will fit in perfectly.
  • Alcantara steering; for a perfect grip.
  • Hint of red inside the car.
  • Black Alcantara fabric on the instrument panel & headliner.
  • Anodized red paddle shifter.

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Variants :

Ford is offering GT in two variants, the Heritage and the customized ‘Studio collection’ of which only 40 pieces have been made (God knows, who are those lucky ones).With Studio Collection, buyers have the option to further customize their 660 hp ride to flaunt it a bit more.

  • Ford-GT-Heritage-Edition-front--OnwayMechanic
  • 2021-Ford-GT-Heritage-Edition-OnwayMechanic (1)
  • 2021-Ford-GT-&-1966-Ford-GT-OnwayMechanic

Studio Collection is being offered in 7 colour options + unlimited colour options offered on a extended palette.

The deliveries of the 2021 Ford GT Heritage edition will start from 2021 and its arrival in India seems not possible in near future as they are few in numbers for the global elite enthusiasts of the Ford Motor.

You can watch the official video of the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition released by the Ford Performance here :

Watch the official video here

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