Baleno or Toyota Glanza- Which is Better ?

Planning to buy a car ? But is it easy to select one from the plethora of options available in the market? Hell no. So we bring you a comparison between two budget-friendly cars: Maruti Baleno and Toyota Glanza.Few years back, there was deal between Maruti Suzuki and Toyota for the supply of around 25,000 Baleno cars yearly to the latter. Now selecting between Maruti Baleno or Toyota Glanza is going to be tougher than ever because both of these beauties are budget-friendly and are very similar in their design and in specification. So let’s start without wasting time:


While making a purchase one of the most important factors is its design. People are giving a lot of importance to design now-a-days. Both Baleno and Glanza share the same design and can be confused for one. The things that set Toyota Glanza apart from Maruti Baleno is its rear insignia & front grill . Glanza wears a Toyota badge on the center of the boot lid along with the car’s name and variant name on left and right respectively. The grille, which gets the blacked-out mesh pattern on the Baleno while Toyota Glanza gets triple chrome slats. So if we talk about the design the winner is Toyota Glanza.Still, this choice totally depends on the perception, some like glamour some like class and some simplistic designs.So, Maruti Baleno or Toyota Glanza is still a tough choice to make.

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The only difference is between the two is their infotainment systems nomenclature and features. While Glanza’s infotainment unit is called the Smart Playcast whereas, in Baleno, it’s called the SmartPlay Studio. The Smart Connect app in Baleno offers information about fuel efficiency, details of the trip, Vehicle position tracking, etc. On the other hand, Toyota’s app have nothing fancy to offer. Toyota connect will offer dealer location, navigation, and roadside assistance. So Baleno’s Smart Connect App is a winner but while Toyota offers it free for the first year Baleno charges 10,000 for a 3-year subscription.

Engine and Fuel Efficiency:

Both Glanza and Baleno share the same 1.2-liter petrol engine which produces 82bhp and 113 nm of torque. However, Glanza is much more fuel-efficient than Baleno due to the mild-hybrid system on its G variant. Whenever Glanza comes to a halt, the engine stops and starts by itself which leads to better fuel efficiency. While Glanza G variants claim the mileage of 23.8 km/l, Baleno claims 21km/l. So if you are planning on buying the G variant then it has the pro of fuel efficiency.


Before we proceed any further take a look at the ex-showroom prices of both the cars:

EngineToyota GlanzaMaruti BalenoDifference in Price
1.2-litre Smart Hybrid Petrol G MTRs.7.22 lakhRs.7.87 lakhRs 65000
1.2-litre Petrol G CVTRs.8.30 lakhRs.8.30 lakh
1.2-litre Petrol V MTRs 7.58 lakhRs.7.58 lakh
1.2-litre Petrol V CVTRs 8.90 lakhRs.8.90 lakh

As evident from the above table, Glanza is priced a little less than the Baleno but as the prices are introductory they will increase in the future. Also, on-road prices will be very similar to one and another without much difference. Glanza’s mild-hybrid G variant is Rs.65,000 cheaper than its Baleno alter ego, so here Glanza is victorious.

Warranty and After-sale Services:

Now comes one of the most important factors which will mark the clear winner in this battle. So when a customer invests a huge amount, of approx 10 lakh they expect to use the thing for a couple of years before switching to another one. So without a doubt, they will be expecting fair after-sale services so that they can live a headache-free life.

Toyota is offering 3 year/1 Lakh km warranty on Glanza while Maruti is offering 2 year/40,000 warranty for Baleno which is far less than Glanza’s. Also if you are ready to invest a little more for extra peace of mind you can buy the extended warranty for both. With Toyota, you get a total of 5 year/2.2 lakh km warranty while with Baleno’s additional warranty you will get a 5 year/1 lakh km warranty. Toyota also offers the additional 3 year RSA (roadside assistance) with Glanza. So Baleno can’t match with the after-sale services of Glanza.


After going through all of the above points, we conclude that Toyota Glanza is a far better choice than Maruti Baleno. Glanza got a better design, higher fuel efficiency, affordable price, and better after-sale services.While, Maruti Suzuki has earned the trust of the Indian masses from so many years and Maruti Suzuki auto parts being cheaper and easily available, you will find more Balenos than Glanzas on Indian roads.

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