Kicking Off Action-Packed Race Circuits in the 2nd Half Of 2020

Fans of motorsports can finally rejoice now that upcoming races have been seen on the Giti Tires calendar. Seeing Sim-Racing is not the same as seeing the drivers in their vehicles racing on a track, so it is a big deal that fans can now start seeing the real thing once again after months of alternatives. 

For those of you who cannot wait until the action starts again, you won’t have much longer, since the calendar events begin this month. With multiple events throughout the second half of 2020, this will be an action-packed few months as drivers get behind the wheel and head out to the race circuits. 

So, if you are a fan that is looking forward to seeing the upcoming racing events, keeping up with the latest information will ensure that you won’t miss a single race. 


Four Months of Headache 

Once the pandemic began, it seemed like much of the world shut down. However, as some areas have seen a slowing of new cases, there have been re-openings of different places that have made it possible for larger events to become a major possibility. However, this is becoming a bigger possibility than some people might have thought.


Although stadiums and tracks are not yet open to the public for fans to attend, the drivers and crews will be able to congregate at the race circuit to start putting rubber to the road for the first time in months. Whether you are a major fan that never misses even a Sim race or you would just like to catch one or two races throughout the year, you can finally be able to do it. 

When Do the Races Kick-Off ? 

This is just the beginning of the action as there will be more than twenty different racing events from July to November of 2020 that you will be able to watch live.  

So, though July is just the start, there are plenty of races to look forward to within the next few months. And, if you want to be able to watch them all, you can check out the Giti Tires Calendar to see when each event is taking place so that you don’t miss any of them.  

What Can You Expect to See ? 

Though this will be a racing event, as usual, there might be some differences that you will notice as you watch. This is because of the restrictions that may still be in place at the time of multiple events. However, because crews and drivers often work together already, other than fans not being able to watch in the stands, there might not be too many differences to be seen from a television screen. 

However, it will definitely be a big adjustment to only be able to watch from your couch. So, for those who are ready and waiting for all the restrictions to be lifted so that fans can once again sit in the stands and cheer for their drivers, you might be waiting a little longer. 

What Events Will You Be Able to Watch? 

Even if you are not able to sit in the stands, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the action any longer. So, what events will be held during the second half of 2020? Well, the events that you can expect to see are the Nurburgring VLN Endurance, the UK Fun Cup, Truck Racing, Digital Endurance, and the Formula Drift USA races. 

There will be multiple days of races for some of these events, which will give you, even more, to watch over a weekend, but some will hold single-day events. Many of the events will take place in Germany or England, but there are some that will be held in different states of the US and others that will happen in Dubai, India as well.

However, because these will be live on television, you will not have to worry about where to travel to be able to watch the race. So, you can see all of them live and feel like you are there in person watching the race happening.  

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How Many Events Will Happen This Year? 

Though this year has cut down on the number of motorsport events overall, the rest of this year will have quite a few. Starting on July 11th, there will be more than twenty different events over the course of over twenty-five days that will be held from July to November. There will not be any events held in the month of December, so that can be crossed off your list. 

But, overall, there will be many races to watch as the new normal sets into society. However, depending on how things happen around the world, and especially in the areas where the events will be held, you may be able to see them once again in the original format. But, as the future is unclear as to when this will be, the best way to watch these events will be live on television. 


Watching and being a part of motorsports events are one way that many people keep up with friends and participate in events throughout the year. However, with the pandemic causing shutdowns of many sporting events, the best you could see is the Sim-Racing version with the company drivers.

Well, with the schedule of events opening up for live races again, motorsports fans can start seeing their favorite drivers in their natural habitat – behind the wheel – and be a part of the action. So, if you want to catch the upcoming races that will be happening within the next few months of the year, you can see the full schedule online through Giti Tires to find out which event is next. 

And, hopefully soon, we will all be able to join together to cheer on the drivers from the stands sooner rather than later. Until then, here’s to watching the races live. 

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