Valtteri Bottas- King of the Austrian Grand Prix.

  • Ferrari’s driver Charles Leclerc won the second position.
  • 20-year-old Lando Norris finished third and was the fastest driver in the last lap.
  • Lewis Hamilton suffered a three-place grid penalty.

Formula One races have started with the Austrian Grand Prix. The race took place on 5th July, Sunday and Formula one organizers could not have asked for a better season opener race. The first race of this season was full of drama and thrill. At the end of the race MERCEDES driver, Valtteri Bottas was the one who won the crown of the Austrian Grand Prix Champion. Another driver of Mercedes Lewis Hamilton suffered a setback due to the penalty imposed on him when he failed to slow down at a yellow flag during qualifying.

Mercedes W11 performance

The last race held in Abu Dhabi since then the drivers were waiting eagerly to set their feet on the gas peddle but alas due to Corona Virus pandemic both the drivers and their fan has to suffer. The Dutch Grand Prix was canceled and no one was happy about it. The 217 days wait was worth it as the Austrian Grand Prix kicked off with a bang. Though no audience was present at the Red Bull Ring to cheer their favorite teams but they would have surely enjoyed the show.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas were all set to score one and two-position but sadly Lewis suffered two penalties one because he was unable to slow down at yellow flag during the qualifier round. The FIA had decided earlier not to penalize Lewis for not slowing down on yellow flag but Red Bull protested against FIA’s decision so under the pressure the FIA penalized Hamilton. Red Bull submitted the protest 1.5 hours before the race and penalty was given 40 minutes before the end of the race. The second penalty was a five-second post-race penalty that was given because Lewis car came in contact with Albon’s. Albon was forced to retire and he believed that he would have won the race if the accident wouldn’t have taken place.

Lewis Hamilton

Though penalty were a heavy set back for Lewis Hamilton but were no less than boon for Norris. The five second penalty was all he needed to stand on the podium. This 20 year old driver was determined beyond his years and delivered a breathtaking lap at the end. He was in tears at his win. He is the youngest British Formula one Driver to stand on the podium.

“Can’t believe I went from a full-time @Twitch streamer to third youngest ever F1 podium finisher in a matter of days,”

– Lando Norris

While Celebrating their win.

The next Grand Prix will also take place in the same Red Bull Ring next weekend. So stay tuned for the latest updates.

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