Indian Army Deploys T-90 Bhishma Tanks along LAC | T-90’s explained

After the Galwan valley bloody brawl between Indian Army & PLA, the tensions continue to rise between the two neighbours.In addition to the ongoing tensions, there are reports that Indian Army has deployed its State-of-the-art tank, T-90 Bhisma along the Line of actual control (LAC).As many readers won’t be knowing about the details of this tank, Our team has collectively penned down all the important details of the this mean machine,Indian Army T-90 Bhishma.

Highlights :

  • Reportedly, India has deployed some T-90 Tanks along the Galwan valley, on the frontline.
  • T-90 Tanks have the Russian origins and now manufactured at HVF in India.
  • Bhishma is the Indian name given to the Russian origin T-90 tanks.
  • It was manufactured by Uralvagonzavod, earlier.

Indian Army, in an unprecedented pro-active measures deployed its state-of-the-art T-90 Bhishma tanks along LAC in Galwan valley to counter Chinese threat.Tensions are continued to rise along the LAC since last two months as China tried to change the Status-quo at the LAC.We, not being the experts in these things will again switch to our expertise that is ‘vehicles’.So, T-90 Bhishma is our topic and we will cover all detailed facts about it, below :

Origin :

The Indian Army T-90 Bhishma finds it origin in Russia, where a Russian owned company named Uralvagonzavod used to manufacture it.Also they are the upgraded version of T-72 tanks.The first T-90 tanks were delivered to India on January 2004 & since then it stays one of the most important main battle tanks in the Indian Army’s arsenal.

Like the legendary warrior of the ancient times, T-90 Bhishma is the unbeaten warrior of the present day battle fields.

Now, these tanks are manufactured in Heavy Vehicle Factory (HVF) India under the licence given by Russia.HVF is headquartered at Avadi, Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Specifications :

The Indian Army T-90 Bhishma posses the whopping power of 840 HP up-rated to 1000 HP and is fitted with Liquid cooled V92S2 Four stroke, 12 Cylinder V-type at 60 degree, Turbo Super Charger Diesel Engine.

The reason for this heavy engine and a whopping power is mainly its size and weight.It weighs 46.5 tonnes (+/- 2% weight of crew & ammunition) & has dimensions 9.63×3.78×2.22 m3 .The fuel tank has the capacity of storing 1600 litres of fuel along with, in the fuel drums.Fuel tanks are strengthened by armor plating.It can only be fueled by T-2, TS-1 Kerosene or A-72 Benzene.

It drinks 2.8 to 4.6 litre of diesel to cover a kilometre during off-roading while on a road it consumes 2.6 litre a kilometre.

Armour :

Where as, its hull is made up of 20 inch armor, adjoined well by 3 different layers that are; ceramic, explosive reactive armor (It explodes in the outward direction when shot at by a bullet or a shrapnel).

Agility & fire power :

It provides the maximum speed of 65 km/hr on metalled roads and on off-roads it can go maximum of 45 km/hr.And amazingly, it can fire while moving at a speed of 35 km/hr, thanks to the Advanced Gyroscopic Targeting System, which keeps the canon locked on to the target, no matter in which direction the tank moves.Further, it can also move quite comfortably in 5m deep water with all its respective equipment.Its operational range is 550 km.Also, it has 7+1 manual transmission.As well as that, it is supported by a pair of tracks that are supported by 8 pair of wheels.These tracks are further supported by rubber-metallic pin hinges.

It can rotate upto 360 degree at a place while its guns facing at particular targets.

In addition to it, there are mainly three small cabins for the Commander, Gunner & for the driver.The Commander, gunner and driver can independently do their own stuff.As commander can use Anti-aircraft gun irrespective of the fact in which direction the tank is moving.Simply putting, the turret, hull and the anti-aircraft gun can move independent of each other.Normally, 3 people can be seated in the tank.Also, the driver is equipped with TVN-5 infrared night viewer for night mobility.

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The T-90 Bhishma posses – 125 mm 2A46 smooth bore tank gun, IG46 Gunner sights and thermal sights.Where as the gun can fire variety of ammunition including HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank), HE-FRAG (high explosive fragmentation) & APDS (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot).

T-90 Bhishma are the only tanks in India that can fire a missile.Invar missile 9M119M also known as 3UBK20 can swiftly be fired by these beasts.

Additionally, it also have CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear) protection.Commander can see day & night with TKN 4S sight.Communication system includes; VHF, HF & Inter-communication system (ICS).

The thing that could worry Chinese PLA is;

  • Anti-aircraft gun uses 12.7 mm bullets, can fire 800 bullets a minute & can shoot an aircraft comfortably at a distance of 2 km.
  • Anti-aircraft gun can be used through remote control or manually by commander.
  • Thermal imagery for commander can track targets during day or night as far as 6 km.
  • Main Gun/Canon can fire up to 7 rounds in a minute.

This is all that we could have summarized for the layman understanding.Further, this tank needs a long essay to be covered thoroughly.

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