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Porsche a renowned name in the automobile industry is all set to rock the world with its new Porsche’s Mission E. As a step to preserve its supremacy in the automobile sector.Porsche is back with its TAYCAN SERIES with a view to give a tough competition to electric vehicles from other manufacturers.

First Appearance and Name :

The Porsche Taycan is an all-electric car manufactured by Porsche, a German automobile manufacturer. Porsche unveiled its first electric-powered concept car for the first time in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor show. After that, they brought this concept car to life and let the world a little peek of this marvel in its production form at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor show. It is first offering by Porsche to its lovers who were waiting for an all-electric car from Porsche. Though late, they came up to the expectation of people. Porsche’s Mission E is the name given by the company when they first unveiled the concept car at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor show. They have decided to keep the name as their branding for all-electric cars in the future. The name Taycan has been taken from the Turkish vocab translating to “lively young horse” refers to the steed of the Stuttgart coat of arms on the Porsche crest.

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Specs & Models :

ModelsRange (Km)PowerTorqueWeight0-100 km/hTop Speed
Taycan 4S287390 kW (523 hp)640 Nm2,140 kg4 sec250 km/h
Taycan 4S (Performance)334420 kW (563 hp)650 Nm2,220 kg4 sec250 km/h
Taycan Turbo346500 kW (672 hp)850 Nm2,305 kg3.2 sec260 km/h
Taycan Turbo S327560 kW (751 hp)1050 Nm2,295 kg2.8 sec260 km/h
  • Porsches-Mission-E-Taycan-4S
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  • Porsches-Mission-E-Taycan-Turbo-S
  • Porsche-Taycan-4S-Porsche's-Mission-E
  • Porsches-Mission-E-Taycan-4S
  • Interior-porsche-taycan
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  • Porshce-Turbo-S-interior
  • porsche-Taycan-Turbo-S-upholstery-onwaymechanic.in

Technology :

Taycan designed by Michael Mauer is packaged with AWD & Permanent Magnet synchronous electric motor (PMSM) at the rear & another AC synchronous motor in front axle.These motors are powered by 79.2 or 93.4 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery to prevent the heating issues and increase the durability of batteries. The plug-in charge offered is of 11 kW(230 volt 3 phase), 9.6 kW(230 volt single phase) AC or 270 kW(800 volt) DC.

Dimensions :

Length4,963 mm (5 m approx)
Width1,966 mm (2 m approx)
Height1,378 mm (1.4 m approx)
Wheelbase2,900 (2.9 m approx)

Porsche Taycan Series could be launched in Indian markets in November, 2020 at an approximate price of INR 1.1 crore.In addition to this, Porsche’s Mission E launch in India would definitely be going to take some time as India still needs to develop its infrastructure for EVs.

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