Who is Alex Zanardi & Why is World Praying for Him ?

Alex Zanardi, on Saturday, after suffering severe head and facial injuries in  collision with a truck while competing in handbike event in Siena, Italy.His condition is described as serious but stable.

Highlights :

  • Alex Zanardi is in artificial coma after the horrific handbike crash in Italy.
  • Doctors say, he is in serious condition, stable but could turn fatal.
  • Alex Zanardi was the world champion of the American CART Series during 1997-98 & is 4 time Gold medalist paralympian.

Alex Zanardi, while competing in a handbike event in Siena, Italy had an accident with a truck and received fatal injuries.Zanardi was a famous Formula 1 driver & 4 time paralympic gold medalist.

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“The operation went as it should have, it was the original situation that was not good,” said Dr Giuseppe Olivieri Head of Neurosurgery, who performed surgery on Zanardi on Friday. “What the prognosis will be tomorrow, in a week, in 15 days, I don’t know”.

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“Serious means he’s in a situation where he could die, in these cases improvements can be very small over time and worsening can be sudden.”

The head of intensive care, Sabino Scolletta, said there was no damage to the chest or abdominal region and that Zanardi’s breathing was regular, but the neurological situation was very serious.

“Conditions have gradually stabilised,” he said, adding that Zanardi was brought into intensive care at around 2200 local time on Friday after a three-hour operation.

Once he said :

I once thought I’d rather die than have no legs but now I see I was wrong

Who is Alessandro Zanardi a.k.a Alex Zanardi ?

Alessandro Zanardi also known as Alex Zanardi is 53-year-old Italian professional racing driver and paracyclist. He is the world champion of American CART Series 1997 and 1998, and seized 15 wins in the series. He additionally raced with BMW in Formula1 from 1991–1994 and again in 1999; people know him  as he finished sixth in the 1993 Brazilian GP.

In the Autumn of 2001, successful racing driver Alex Zanardi’s life was changed when he had both legs amputated above the knee after the horrific collision on the Euro Speedway Lausitz Ring in Germany.In this operation  his heart ceased seven times and he lost all but a litre of blood in his body. Fortunately, each time he fought against death with the help of doctors.

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He returned to racing  track after two years and competed in the European Touring Car Championship in 2003–2004 and then in the World Touring Car Championship between 2005 and 2009,in which he scored 4 wins.

Zanardi is a motivational figure for people all over the world & in the world of motorsport and paralympic. He always had a positive competition against life and returned each time from life-transmuting injuries with a smile on his face.

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