World’s Largest All Electric Plane Takes a Revolutionary Flight

Highlights :
  • The world’s largest all electric plane is named as “E-caravan”.
  • E-caravan took 30 minutes test flight over Moses Lake facility in Washington.
  • E-caravan has been powered by 750 Watt MagniX electric motor.
  • MagniX has also tested a smaller Electric sea plane,just 6 months back.

Researchers at MagniX & Aero Tech have finally succeeded in completing a 30 Minutes test flight of ‘World’s Largest All electric Plane’.A single test pilot has flown a 9-Seater Cessna Grand Caravan plane fitted with 750 Watt MagniX Electric Motor over the skies of Washington.

MagniX has named the plane as E-Caravan.The company has used the old Moses lake facility for the test flight and flew the plane over Moses lake for 30 minutes.According to MagniX,Moses lake facility was earlier used to b e an alternating land site for the space shuttle.

Highlights of the Test Flight

E-Caravan was followed by another ‘chase plane’.Although,the chase plane was much smaller in size than the E-caravan but it was making more noise;according to the commentators in live streaming of the event.Where as,E-caravan was barely making any noise.

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The Test Flight :

The Test Pilot performed many maneuvers to check all the enlisted objectives of the MagniX.The E-caravan was followed by the chase plane to ssist the former in case any problem arises,that is what ‘chase planes’ normally do.After taking off,the test pilot took it to the height of 2500ft & then dropped it to 1000ft.At this height,E-caravan flew for about 25 minutes over the Moses Lake Facility.

Here’s Live streamed video of the event (Average quality)

Statement by CEO MagniX :

Electric Engines for aeroplanes were essential for reducing carbon emission impact.E-planes will be cheaper to operate due to the reduced need for fossil fuels.Between 40% & 70% less expensive per flight hour.That means operators will be able to fly more planes into smaller airports,meaning a shorter & door to door experience,with no harmful CO2 emissions.All flights of under 1,000 miles will be made by all-electric aircraft within the next 15 years but battery technology needs to improve first.It is currently better suited for ultra short flights of about 100 miles – when the electric engine is added to an existing aircraft.Current battery technology can support a range of up to 500 miles on a custom aircraft designed around the benefits of an electric motor.It’s a niche market but we can start now.Get working on it & push the envelope to progress the entire industry.Let’s get to market quickly for the main purpose of being able to start this revolution.

Roei Ganzarski (CEO MagniX) to The Guardian

To show that existing commercial planes can be converted into an electric planes,they retrofitted the engine to a 208B Cessna Caravan Light Aircraft.It should be noted that previously MagnaX had also converted another smaller seaplane into an all electric plane,just six month from date.And,now converting another bigger plane Cessna Caravan,they made it the world’s largest all electric plane to take a flight.

Its Future in India :

As we all know Ministry of Civil aviation(GoI) has already launched UDAN scheme for Indian citizens.GoI wanted to focus on more frequency of flights,so that smaller places can also get air connectivity,in particular.This will definitely going to increase our air traffic like the US already faces.This means,we will create more carbon emissions over our skies like the developed countries are currently doing.India,by switching to Electric Aviation,can take a huge leap forward to create a sustainable air transport.Last but not least,to have investments and products like E-caravan,GoI has to show its inclination towards electric,soon.Such planes normally,may take years to be a part of our aviation industry.

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