N526 : UK’s Billionaire Built Better EV Than A Tesla

N526, Haven’t heard about the name ever ??

To apprise you all about it,N526 is actually an abandoned project of UK’s billionaire Sir James Dyson.The project had been named as N526 as no commercial name was ever given to it.Had the project been economical,we would have seen the awesome electric vehicles better than those of Tesla’s,on roads.But to our hard luck,this project had to be abandoned back in Sep 2019.The reason is nothing secret but same as what is being faced by Tesla till last quarter i.e the heavy costs involved in electric cars production.Tesla having many cars in its fleet and also involved in other businesses can afford the losses involved but Dyson automobiles couldn’t.

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Recently,in an interview to The Times ,Sir James Dylon revealed the picture of his dream project of building Solid state battery based electric car.He was successful in making one.But,do you know how much this project has cost his pockets ? It is a whopping sum of £500 Million.Observing the huge amount involved,any sane minded person would have taken the same decision to abandon the project as Sir James Dyson had taken.Had it been on roads,it would have costed your pockets around £1,50,000.This would have only recovered the cost of the production for the company.This all was hidden till now and Sir James Dyson hadn’t revealed it to the public but on 16th May he chose to reveal in an interview given to The Times.

Why better than Tesla ?
Range : 600 Miles (probably WLTP) in a single charge which way more than Tesla’s Model S’ 379 Miles & Model X’ 314 Miles.
Battery : Dyson Automobiles uses Solid state batteries unlike the most EV companies.
  • Despite its heavy weight of 2.6 ton & big size it can accelerate upto 62 Mph in 4.8 sec.Half a second late though than Tesla’s Model X.
  • Top speed 125 Mph.
  • Twin 200 kW Electric Motors.
  • 536 Bhp & a torque of 480 lb/ft.
  • Hologram kind of display for the driver,more like a floating screen.

The EV, codenamed as “N526” would have been a seven-seater with a whopping 600-mile range per charge. This was largely thanks to the company’s proprietary solid-state batteries, which could apparently sustain such performance “even on a freezing February night, on the naughty side of 70MPH on the motorway, with the heater on and the radio at full blast.”

James Dyson to the Times
  • N-526-Design-Dyson-EV

Though,it was said to be a 5 Metre long SUV lookalike of Range Rover but still it is quicker than other EVs of this size.Now,Dyson after killing his dream project regarding EVs,he is still hopeful that other companies would use his Solid State Batteries for the production of EVs in future.

Do you know, Sir James Dyson also created a Test track for Electric Vehicles worth $2.6 Billion.

Image of the Test Track

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