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German Automaker,Mercedes-Benz finally entered into the EVs by launching its new Electric SUV, Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC.This 5 seater Electric SUV is nothing but a lookalike of its GLC class(Gasoline powered engine).Mercedes hasn’t gone into its thorough transformation as it wanted to give out the statement “this is nothing new but an Electric Mercedes“.Without a doubt,the luxury brand wanted to preserve its traditional identity.

Will We Get Merc EQC In India :

Undoubtedly,Mercedes-Benz EQC has made an incredible change in the EV sector by presenting awesome features in its recent E-SUV EQC 400 4MATIC.As for the Indian Merc lovers,it would still take years for EVs to be accessible for the general population.Clearly,India still lags in EV infrastructure.Although,it is gaining the impressive pace in developing the needed infrastructure.Prior to Covid-19 Pandemic scenario,EQC 400 4MATIC was expected to be launched in India in April 2020 but now it seems,launch will see a delay till July.Probably,in July we will get to experience the electric elegance in India also..As far as the price is concerned,it will cost you around INR 1 Crore.

What’s Unique :

Coming back to EQC 400 4MATIC,it presents the awesome WLTP Range of 417 km & an EPA Range of 354 km,which is indeed a feat for the Electric vehicles.There are very few manufacturers who could achieve such range in EVs.The reason behind this awesome range lies in the effective & strong battery plus its quick charging capability.Battery is packed with 384 Lithium Ion cells giving output of 405 volts & 80kWh.In addition,it offers an unending list of safety & accessibility features like Automatic Collision Avoidance etc.Further,Mercedes-Benz Wallbox helps in charging the vehicle 3 times faster than the usual socket we use at our homes.

From where it all Started :

Mercedes revealed,EQC 400 4MATIC first in Stockholm in 2018 and its production started from 2019.As far as its public debut is concerned,it happended in 2018 Paris Motor Show.The EQ range from the Mercedes-Benz is its new sub section which is especially focussed on Electric Vehicles.It plans to launch a range of EVs before 2022 to give tough competitions to its counterparts and thus want to excel in EVs also.Merc is plannig to launch at least 10 EVs till 2022.Mercedes-Benz EQC was the first such EV in the EQ series.

The global plan is to have at least ten battery electric products by 2022. We have the option of choosing and getting whichever model is suitable for India. And we also need to look if we should get them through the assembly route or through the imported route

Martin Schwenk (MD & CEO,Mercedes-Benz)
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The build of the 400 4MATIC is incomparable with any of the currently available Electric Passenger vehicle.Only competition that somewhat matches its built and class is Audi e-tron.Its range and fast charging is quite impressive.Below are some of the selected details :

Specifications :

1.Drive Train 6.Top Speed 180 kmph
(Electronically Limited)
MotorTwo Asynchronous Motors
All Wheel Drive
TransmissionSingle Stage0-100 kmphin 5.10 sec
Power402 HP / 300 kW0-60 mphin 4.90 sec
Torque760 Nm8.Dimensions
2.Battery Length4761 mm
Typelithium IonWidth1884 mm
Cells384 Lion cellsHeight `1623 mm
Voltage405 VWheelbase2873 mm
Capacity80 kWh9.Weight2495 kg
3.Charging10. Additional Features
DC fast10%-80% within 40 Min.DisplayTwo 10.25 Inches
4.Fuel EconomyMBUXWith Voice Controlled Smart Assistance
Range (WLTP)417 kmSafetyAutomatic Collision Avoidance
Range (EPA)354 kmActive Blind Spot Assist
5.TyresActive Brake Assist
Front235/55 R19Airbage including Knee & pelvis airbags for Driver
Rear255/50 R19AC Automatic Pre-entry Climate control

Although,wheelbase is same as its regular GLC but it is still 4.1 inches longer,0.2 inch narrower & 0.8 inch shorter in Height

Price Range :

Starts at $67,900 & in India it may cost around INR 1 crore.

At last,we have to say that Mercedes-Benz has entered the EVs sector with a bang forcing all other EV manufacturers to raise their standards.Mercedes-benz EQC range has no match yet after the release of 2020 EQC 400 4MATIC.In India,it will face automakers like Audi & Volvo.

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