Get Your Bugatti Veyron For Only $3300

By Shailendra Singh,

How one of the fastest & quickest car was sold for $3300 ?

If you love sports car then you must have heard the name of Bugatti Veyron, one of the most desired cars. Well,Bugatti is not only known for its speed of 413.8 km/hr. but also for sky-high prices. Only the richest person can afford it. Many people dream remained unfulfilled due to such high prices and maintenance cost.Well,there is a good news for all the Bugatti enthusiasts.Now you can own a real-size replica for only $3300. 

Just like most of us, a person in Germany wanted a Bugatti for his garage but didn’t have such deep pockets to fulfil his dream. He never gave up and found a craftsperson in Indonesia who wasexpert in building the real size replicas and now a real-size replica is all set to sail for Germany.

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Can We Drive it ?

To be clear it is not a drivable machine but just a piece of art. This wooden replica has been designed in such a precise manner that it is hard to say that it is not a real Bugatti but just a model curved out of wood. Not only the exterior but also the interior is designed to give a complete feel of sitting in Bugatti. This replica is made in Indonesia with the scrap pieces of teak. The interior,mimics the interior of Bugatti with fully functional gas pedal, breaks, and steering wheel. In Indonesia the price of this model is around 40 million Indonesian Rupiah which account for around $3300 in the US.

Boyolali in Central Java is famous for such craftsmanship.As far as the respective workshop is concerned,it is owned by Eko Lukistyanto.

If only you can find a way to replicate or get your hands on the engine of Bugatti then you can have a fully functional car to show off in your neighbourhood. Well for now you have to ask people to visit you to see this masterpiece resting in your garage.

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