Hyundai’s i20 N Teased By A WRC Driver On A Frozen Lake

By Shailendra Singh,


  • Hyundai released a teaser video on YouTube.
  • Theirry Neuville,Hyundai’s WRC Driver seen with the car.
  • Hyundai i20 N will be the performance oriented.
  • India may not get to see its release.

The world automobile industry is suffering in this worldwide pandemic. Whereas companies are trying their best to attract the largest number of customers to make up to their losses,which they have suffered during the world wide lock-down due to Covid-19.

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What’s new?

Hyundai has already taken a step towards attracting a large number of customers with its new I20 N,which is a performance-oriented version of third-gen i20. Hyundai has recently released a video on YouTube teasing what appeared to be rumoured I20 N. In this video, a partially camouflaged I20 can be seen on the frozen lake in the outskirts of Sweden. Behind the wheel can be seen Thierry Neuville, Hyundai’s World Rally Championship (WRC) driver. Without revealing many details about the car, he has signalled that he is going to take this new car for a spin in the arena. 

Here’s the teaser video of i20 N with Thiery Neuville
Specifications and details :

As N series cars are performance-oriented cars so is I20 N. This new offering from the Hyundai has a taller bonnet to accommodate a 204Hp, 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine. This engine is similar to the one which is present in the Hyundai Veloster. Also, it is packed with a bigger spoiler than 3rd GEN i20.

This car has a 7-speed DCT gearbox with manual and Sports mode. With a powerful engine, the car is going to generate a torque up to 260 Nm. I20 N will also have an improved engine cooling to fight the excess heat generated during the combustion.

It also features bigger alloy wheels which are made according to World Rally Championship (WRC). In the spy images of Hyundai’s I20 N,Y shaped alloy wheels can be clearly seen.

Review :

The only person who was lucky enough to receive test drive was Hyundai’s driver, Thierry Neuville. Thierry told that the engine makes a sound that is “interesting” rather than unpleasant. He was praising this new offering a lot and was eager to take this beast to the World Rally Championship for a spin. It is going to be a stunning sight to see I20 N in the arena competing with others of her kind. Also, it will give a great insight into the performance levels of this car.

There is a lot of hum about the looks on the online platform and everyone is praising them a lot. Bigger bonnet, bigger spoiler, Y shaped bigger alloy wheels give I20 a stunning look.

Conclusion :

Hyundai is all set to give a tough competition to the various manufacturer. Some popular competitions are going to be Ford Fiesta ST, the Volkswagen Polo GTi (the previous-gen model was on sale in India), and the Toyota GR Yaris.

The only problem that is haunting us is that there are very few chances that I20 N will be launched in India owing to limited takers of performance-oriented hatches. But on the Brightside, no one can stop us from conveying our desire to own this elegant masterpiece to Hyundai’s headquarter in South Korea.

If go-fast i20N will be launched in India then it will be priced at around 10 lakh INR.

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