Car Smoking | What Different Coloured Smoke Say About Your Car

By Prince Chauhan,

What Is Car Smoking :

Smoking is nothing but when your vehicle hoick out different coloured smoke,abnormally.So, ‘Smoking Hot’ is not always a compliment,at least in the case your vehicle gets so.If you notice dark coloured thick smoke from your vehicle,please get it checked asap by a mechanic near-by you.Usually,if all things remain normal within your engine & exhaust assembly line,your car will smoke out colourless smoke.

Smoking of a car engine is not a good sign & it requires an immediate attention from a mechanic, otherwise there might be a chance of permanent damage to the vital parts of your vehicle.Why your engine is smoking usually have many reasons. The exhaust pipe is the cue to determine the cause.

Causes :
  • Overheating
  • clogged air filters
  • Torn gaskets
  • incomplete combustion.
There are three types of smokes,which are usually visible from the IC engine and they are:
  • Blue smoke
  • White smoke
  • Black Or Grey smoke
1.Blue Smoke :
Blue Coloured Smoke From the Exhaust

Reason :

Engine oil getting combusted inside the combustion chamber. This happens when Engine oil gets consumed from the sump or the air cleaner,if latter is wet type.Another place from where engine oil can enter is the cap or the clearance between the valve and valve seat in the form of condensed vapor of blow-by gases.

Simply putting,when engine oil gets into the place where it is not supposed to be & thus gets burnt causes Blue Smoke.

Some of the leaks which causes blue smoke are :

  • Gasket Torn.
  • Engine oil seal worn out.
  • Piston ring worn out.
2.White Smoke :
White Smoke from the Exhaust

Reason :

White smoke is the consequence of the presence of moisture in the combustion chamber which gets combusted in the usual process of the engine.Either,it may come along with the diesel from the fuel tank or it may enter from the torn radiator hoses.Whenever moisture content gets combusted or enters the combustion chamber,it produces white smoke. Above reason results in lean mixture i.e. less fuel than the air in the combustion chamber.

If you notice any smell along with the smoke,such as a sweet smell, the coolant may be the cause of the smoke.But if engine begins to overheat,it requires immediate attention. This can be un-done by rectifying following :

  • Radiator hose torn.
  • Head Gasket leaking.
  • Coolant leaking into the combustion chamber.
3.Black Smoke :
Black Smoke From the Exhaust

Black smoke is the consequence of rich mixture.Whenever diesel inside the combustion chamber exceeds the stoichiometric ratio,the smoke turns into black color.Which tells us about the improper combustion of fuel and unburnt hydrocarbon.

Simply putting this up, Black smoke means engine is burning too much fuel. There could be many reasons for this, including:

  • Incorrect Ignition Timing
  • Faulty or Leaking Fuel Injector
  • Broken or damaged fuel pressure regulator
  • Dysfunctional Carburetor

Note: If Steam is coming out from your Car

If you see steam-like vapor coming from the exhaust, there’s no need to be worry. Water vapor coming from the exhaust is completely normal and is a result of condensation building within the exhaust system. Though there may be a slow drip of water from the tailpipe, the steam is quickly dispelled into the air.

We hope,this article will help you in identifying the problems associated with your vehicle and you could use the information to get the timely assistance from the near-by mechanic or if in Bhopal from the .Timely maintenance always helps in reducing overall maintenance cost & your vehicle’s vital parts will remain healthy for long.

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