Toyota’s Initiative |A World Without Pollution

By Shailendra Singh,

Highlights :

  • Toyota had already sold upto 15 Million Hybrid cars.
  • The Motor company has helped the world to reduce the CO2 emissions by about 120 million tonnes.
  • First Hybrid project was ‘Prius’,launched back in 1997.

Greenhouse gases are posing a serious threat to our world and one of the major contributing factors to this issue is vehicular emissions. While other manufacturers are still thinking about dealing with this problem,Toyota has achieved a milestone in this direction. Toyota has made a significant contribution to the environment by selling 15 million hybrid cars until January 2020. If we calculate than Toyota has reduced the CO2 emission by 120 million tonnes across the world.

From Where It All Started :

Around 25 years ago,Takeshi Uchiyamada asked his development team to design a car that fits the 21st century. The basic idea was to reduce vehicular emission significantly and this resulted in the first-generation Prius (launched in 1997). Just because of Takeshi’s foresight today Toyota had already sold 15 million hybrid cars curbing the 120 million tonnes of vehicular emission. No wonder Takeshi had introduced the Prius as the car of the 21st century during its launch in 1997. Today a range of available hybrid electrical vehicles at the global level from Toyota and Lexus now reaches 44. The most recent launch of Toyota in the electrical hybrid direction was Vellfire.

Toyota Wellfire

“Of course, we must work hard on improving battery performance and lowering costs (of BEVs), which we are doing. But we must avoid having no plan until we overcome the hurdles related to both BEVs and FCEVs. In the meantime, we can contribute by continuing our work on HEVs.” .

Shigeki Terashi, Chief officer of Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota’s Future Plans :

Now Toyota has aimed at launching 40 new or updated electrified vehicles by 2025, across all technology, out of these around 10 vehicles will be emission-free. Toyota is constantly making progress in its aim of reducing pollution with its hybrid cars. Toyota is continuing to develop better hybrid technology to lower emissions and enhance efficiency. Not only Toyota hybrids are good for the environment but also affordable, accessible, and convenient for customers across European markets.

Toyota believes that HEVs are an important part of the future overall mix of electrified vehicles. The company has made it very clear that it will continue working in the field of reducing the emissions not only through its hybrid cars but also in petrol vehicles. Toyota is trying to build a better future with different electrified technologies, including hybrids and plug-ins(PHEV), fuel cell (FCEV), and battery electric (BEV) vehicles.

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