Covid19 After effect : Affected Salaries, Promotion Delays, As Auto Sector Reduces Operations


  • Many Industries have decided to hold promotions ,salaries of the employees would be affected.
  • Auto sector is already going through a slowdown, effect magnified due to the lock-down.
  • PM Narendra Modi had appealed to the employer to co-operate with the employees .

Almost every sector was affected by corona virus crisis(COVID-19). We have gathered al the info related to Covid19 after effect on Auto Sector. The automobile sector is also one of them which is severely affected by corona virus. Many automobile companies decided to cut salaries of their employees to overcome the losses occurred in this lock-down. The employees are most likely not getting increment this year.

The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi had also appealed to the associations not to terminate their employees due to corona virus pandemic. PM Said, “Cooperate with the people who work with you in your business, shop, etc.  Don’t terminate anyone from their work”.

Many organizations are not giving increment letters, promotions & bonuses as it usually does on April every year. Employers will not terminate their employees, instead reduction of pay is quite a good option. Automobile industries hits break on manufacturing automobile components & some also stopped manufacturing of the automobiles.

As none can foresee about the end of this crisis, it is advisable to every person to stay home & stay safe and also maintain social distancing & go out in emergency only. As there is still no vaccine developed, this is the only way to fight with Corona Virus.

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