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Greetings Everyone , Earth Day Special Blog is penned by our editorial team members Shubhendra, Ajay & Vivek to give you an insight about the world green technologies & better ways of transportation.

We have covered the topic in three sections;About Earth day,List of green vehicles & tips to reduce emissions.we hope,you will stay with us till the end 🙂 .

Earth Day :

Earth Day is commemorated each year on 22nd of Apr since 1970.It all started with a suggestion of peace activist John McConnell to honour mother Earth at a UNESCO conference,San Francisco in 1969.Initially,it was decided to celebrate Earth Day on Mar 21,1970 on the first day of Spring in Northern Hemisphere.It was Denis Hayes who made the event international by coordinating it in 141 nations in 1970,otherwise it was only concentrated in US.

During 2016 Earth Day,Historic Paris Agreement was passed By China,US & other 120 countries.This helped in implementation of Climate protection treaty.

Earth Day 2020 is the 50th Edition of the event.It was celebrated with one of the biggest live-stream in between the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.The live-stream starts on 22 Apr and concludes on 24 Apr.

Theme of Earth Day 2020 : CLIMATE ACTION.

Environmental air pollution affects most of the human population. There are some major sources of air pollutants like Industrial movements,Domestic appliances & traffic.

The new green technologies assists in lesser fuel consumption & almost negligible emissions,but road transit remains a significant source of air pollution, particularly in urban & sub-urban areas. Transportation is a major source of air pollution all over the world.
Cars, buses, trucks and trailers powered by fossil fuels are major contributors to air pollution.

In transportation,Diesel fuel is widely used. It gives energy to the trucks that deliver products to our consumers.

Below is the table mentioning biological impact of emission components :

Emission ComponentAtmospheric Reaction ProductsBiological Impact
Gas Phase
Carbon monoxideHighly toxic to humans; blocks oxygen uptake.
Nitrogen oxidesNitric acid, ozoneNitrogen dioxide is a respiratory tract irritant and major ozone precursor. Nitric acid contributes to acid rain.
Sulfur dioxideSulfuric acidRespiratory tract irritation. Contributor to acid rain.
Carbon dioxideMajor contributor to global warming.
Saturated hydrocarbons (Alkanes, < C19)Aldehydes, alkyl nitrates, ketonesRespiratory tract irritation. Reaction products are ozone precursors (in the presence of NOx).
Unsaturated hydrocarbons (Alkenes < C5)Aldehydes, ketonesRespiratory tract irritation. Some alkenes are mutagenic and carcinogenic. Reaction products are ozone precursors (in the presence of NOx).
FormaldehydeCarbon monoxide, hydroperoxyl radicalsFormaldehyde is a probable human carcinogen and an ozone precursor (in the presence of NOx).
Higher aldehydes (e.g., acrolein)Peroxyacyl nitratesRespiratory tract and eye irritation; causes plant damage.
Monocyclic aromatic compounds (e.g. benzene, toluene)Hydroxylated and hydroxylated-nitro derivativesBenzene is toxic and carcinogenic in humans. Some reaction products are mutagenic in bacteria (Ames assay).
PAHs (< 5 rings) (e.g. phenanthrene, fluoroanthene)Nitro-PAHs (<5 rings)Some of these PAHs and nitro-PAHs are known mutagens and carcinogens.
Nitro-PAHs (2 and 3 rings) (e.g. nitronaphtalenes)Quinones and hydroxylated-nitro derivativesSome reaction products are mutagenic in bacteria (Ames assay).
Particulate Phase
Elemental carbonNuclei adsorb organic compounds; size permits transport deep into the lungs (alveoli).
Inorganic sulfatesRespiratory tract irritation.
Aliphatic hydrocarbons (C14-C35)Little information; possibly aldehydes, ketones, and alkyl nitratesUnknown.
PAHs (4 rings and more) (e.g., pyrene, benzo(a)pyrene)Nitro-PAHs (4 rings and more), nitro-PAH lactonesLarger PAHs are major contributors of carcinogens in combustion emissions. Many nitro-PAHs are potent mutagens and carcinogens.
Nitro-PAHs (3 rings and more) (e.g., nitropyrenes)Hydroxylated-nitro derivativesMany nitro-PAHs are potent mutagens and carcinogens. Some reaction products are mutagenic in bacteria (Ames assay).
Biological Impact of Diesel emission components (credits :

We guess all the facts shared above are precise enough to convince you that we have to now switch to greener modes of transport.Major contributor of the pollutants is the transport sector,for which vehicle manufacturers have to seriously think about.They must bring in green fuel based trucks and heavy vehicles to save the mother earth.

This Earth Day, on 22nd Apr 2020,we will share prominent Green Technologies available in the world,vehicle that are emitting absolutely zero pollutants & in the end,we will enlist some suggestions to help your current vehicle to emit less pollutants in the atmosphere.

The term Green technology is used basically for Clean technology,so that it doesn’t affects the nature and uses whatever renewable forms of energies available.

Some of the Green Techs used in the automobile industry are in the form of :

  • Electric vehicles.
  • Hydrogen.
  • CNG.
  • Ethanol.
  • Bio-diesel.

List of Vehicles That Produce No-To-Low Carbon Emissions :

New vehicles particularly that runs on Electricity are increasing day by day,globally with the vehicles that runs on bio-fuel,alternative fuels like CNG or E85 (85% Ethanol + 15% Gasoline).Further,there are hybrid vehicles that runs on non renewable fuel in addition to electric,battery or any other renewable source.

  • Arc-Vector-Earth-Day-OnwayMechanic
  • Earth-Day-Mercedes-Benz-Vision-AVTR

Further,there are variety of Zero emission and low polluting vehicles available in India,like :

  • Nissan Leaf (Will be launched in Feb 2021)
  • MG eZS
  • Audi e-Tron (Soon to be launched)
  • Hyundai kona
  • Ather 450X
  • Bajaj Chetak Electric & Many more.
  • MG-eZS-Earth-Day-OnwayMechanic
  • Hyundai-Kona-Earth-Day-Special-OnwayMechanic
  • Ather-450X-Earth-Day-Special-OnwayMechanic
  • Bajaj-Chetak-Electric-Earth-Day-Special-OnwayMechanic

Though,presently E-vehicles,Hybrid & Alternative fuel vehicles are bit on a costlier side as compared to traditional vehicles but they pose a good challenge to the latter with regard to pollution and low emissions.In near future,as governments are focussing on going clean tech savvy,they will be giving subsidies which will control the price of the clean & green energy vehicles.

GREEN TIPS : To optimise emissions of your vehicle

1.Regular Vehicle maintenance :

It improves the mileage of your vehicle & thus helps reduce the fuel consumption.Because of it,fuel is burnt thoroughly,therefore it reduces the emission of harmful gases.

  • Always check on lubrication of your vehicle’s vital components.
  • Use high octane gasoline.
  • Maintain the tyres.
  • At regular intervals,check on the alignment & wheel balancing.

2.Drive efficiently and uniformly :

Driving at constant speed,without much accelerating or decelerating.It will always help in burning less fuel and keeps your engine,gears,clutch and other vital parts always fit & fine.Constant speed driving improves mileage,saves fuel & encourages efficient combustion.

3.Use AC as less as possible :

Old cars contain harmful CFCs / HFCs ,which are majorly responsible for the holes in the ozone layer of our atmosphere.So,using AC only when it seems quite uncomfortable would help keeping our world safe,clean & green.Further,when we use AC in a vehicle,it increases the power consumption of the engine and thus in return,produces more heat and pollutants.So,why not use some fresh air .

See,how he is enjoying a load of fresh air !!

4.Use Gravity :

Whenever possible and if you feel safe,use the descent to save some fuel of your vehicle.You can also use the usual momentum of the vehicle at times within the journey to keep the gears un-engaged using Neutral transmission.

Use slope but don’t drag like this.He has a ferrari & you don’t !

5.Reduce the weight :

Try to carry as minimum weight in or on your vehicle as possible.So that,fuel consumption and the load on engine could be minimised.

Following these all tips will make you a person not less than a Superman or a SuperWoman .Yes,you are a saviour of this planet blue & if you are rich enough to afford a new fleet of Electric vehicles.Please switch on to it,electric is the future.

Further,Team wishes you all a very Happy Earth Day and request you all to REDUCE,REUSE,RECYCLE & help our planet to breathe again as we have already experienced,how nature improves itself when we gave it a space because of the COVID-19 global lock-down.

Thank you.

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