Top 10 Concept Cars in 2020

Every Year world’s prominent automobile companies introduce their gen-next concept cars.We have shortlisted some of the beauties and amazing mean machines for you.

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1.Audi AI:ME :

This year in January,Audi at Consumer Electronics Show (CES),Las Vegas,displayed its Concept Car Audi AI:ME.This car is an Electric Car that posses 65 kwh battery and 125 kW motor.It is quite compact in build with next-gen interiors.This amazing EV is offering its customers with ‘Level 4 Autonomous driving‘.Though compact but it offers amazingly well carved spacious interiors with a 2+ Back seater unlike other Cars on such concept.Its Bright LED headlamps looks just awesome during the dark of the night.Along the total length of the windshield runs the 3D-OLED monitor.Other cool stuffs include VR goggles to be used for gaming,internet and videos when on-board.

Audi AI:ME

The inclusion of Artificial intelligence with nature is an amazing mix,it has to offer in this era global warming.If you don’t know it still,Audi AI:ME is the first vehicle to include live plants on-board.With magnetic cup holders,it just offers a perfect interior.This all results in a car from sci-fi movie .For all the reasons above,we have included undoubtedly,this amazing car in the list of our Top 10 Concept cars,2020.

video from Audi’s official channel on Youtube

2.Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR :

Presently,It is one of most beautifully crafted vehicle on earth.Not only,it is designed so well,covering all the important corners and curves according to the perfect aerodynamics of the vehicle but it also offers whooping combined engine power of 350 kW & according to Audi’s officials, “AVTR sets a benchmark for EQ power”.AVTR is an all wheel drive vehicle,which empowers the driver to use the torque as the way he/she wants.

According to Audi’s official website handle ;

Due to the possibility to drive the front and rear axles simultaneously or in opposite ways, the VISION AVTR can move sideways by approx. 30 degrees, in contrast to conventional vehicles. The so-called “crab movement” gives the concept vehicle a reptile-like appearance even in its movement.

Concept car Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR
Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR (Picture Credits : Daimler AG)

It offers most impressing charging capacity in the EV sector and claims that AVTR can be charged to its full capacity within 15 minutes.With a range of 700 km at one go can really be satisfying for long journey,if one can afford the vehicle in future(no pun intented).

This whole concept is based on the 2009 released movie,AVATAR .Mercedes Benz concept AVTR is including neuromorphic hardware to minimize the energy requirements,whatever is used by its chips,sensor & other components .It is fitted with 33 Multi-directional movable flaps named as Bionic Flaps to support the car’s aerodynamics.This amazing beauty has so much to offer that it will need a separate article,so we are attaching a video below,go through it ;


We guess,you people are now convinced,why it needs to be in the list of top 10 concept cars of the year 2020.

3.Rolls Royce 103EX :

Super car Rolls Royce 103EX Concept car 2020 automobile industry vehicles E-vehicles
Rolls Royce 103EX with its luxurious interior.

This is an old concept car by the royal brand Rolls Royce.Yet,we are including it in our lis of top 10 concept cars for the year 2020 because this luxury is still unmatchable.It was first unveiled in 2016,to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand.

It is a self driven car which makes you experience the luxury of its interior to its fullest.Youtuber ‘SuperCar blondie’ got lucky to experience this beauty.She explains some features about the car,the video is attached below ;

Super Car Blondie in a Rolls Royce 103EX

4.Nissan Ariya :

This car is Crossover cum hatchback as displayed in consumer electronic show,Las Vegas.It includes Nissan’s latest Driver Assistance System,ProPILOT 2.0.At one charge,it can cover a distance upto 482 km.

Further,it also offers :

  • 12.3 inch Display Monitor.
  • Climate control.
  • Four Wheel Drive.
  • 0-60 mph in 7 seconds

Simply because of its amazing features,it was must for us to include this car in the list of Top 10 concept cars for the year 2020.

Concept Cars 2020 Nissan Ariya  supercars Future Electric Vehicle E-cars
Nissan Ariya

5.Chrysler Airflow Vision Concept :

If you don’t know the company,this brand is a part of FIAT.At Consumer Electronic show,this was one the best attraction after Mercedes Benz AVTR.Its sleek design also offers a spacious interiors and this car is based on the Pacifica MPV & this concept is kind of re-entry of Fiat’s 1930’s Chrysler Airflow concept.Images attached below are enough to describe why it needed to in the list of top 10 concept cars of the year 2020.

  • fiat-Chrysler-airflow-concept-onwaymechanic

6.Hyundai S-A1 Flying Car :

This amazing Flying car is designed for the Uber to be used as an Air Taxi.Hyundai crafted this beauty out,inspired by NASA’s flying car concept.I guess,if we can replace it in the first poisiton in the list top 10 concept cars for the year 2020,it would be appropriate.Just look at this amazing future concept.

Concept cars 2020 flying car Hyundai uber a1 future electric car automobile
Hyundai S-A1 flying Car (Picture Credits : Mark Matousek)

This can fly at 290 kmph at the height of 1000-2000 Ft continuously,upto 100 km.It will use distributed electric propulsion.Its USP lies in its charging capacity,it gets charged in 5 to 7 mins.This whole concept will definitely re-create the scenes of the sci-fi movies in the actual world,in near future.

Hyundai S-A1

7.Fisker Ocean :

This is one of the few Electric SUVs in the world and this was the first such electric SUV to be displayed at CES,Las Vegas.It is valued at $37,499 (INR 28,56,542.57 Approx.).

Fisker Ocean’s USP is its amazing acceleration of 0-100 in just 2 seconds,Couple of blinks & you will disappear from the place.It posses 80 kwh Battery with solar panel fitted roof.Its Cabin is made from recycled eco-friendly materials and it claims to be cheaper than Tesla,once launched on ground.

Fisker Ocean Concept car 2020 future Electric car e-vehicle automobile
Fisker Ocean

Above all,it offers 482 Km range in one charge,which is quite an impressive distance for the price of the vehicle it offers under Electric vehicle category.Thus,we are including it in the list of our Top 10 Concept cars for the year 2020.

8.Toyota GR Supra GT4 :

This car is Toyota’s Racing concept car build to participate in racing events in 2020 and was unveiled in 2019,still we are including this in our list of Top 10 concept cars for the year 2020 because the kind of qualities this machine posses.

Racing car toyota Concept gazoo supra GT4
GR Supra GT4 (Picture credits :

It has Six cylinder 3.0 litre turbocharged engine and to enhance the performance it had been tuned to 320 Kwh and 650 Nm torque.

It should be noted that in India its non racing version can cost you around INR 90 lakh .

Toyota Racing car GR Supra gt4 concept racing car
Toyota GR Supra GT4 Racing concept car

9.Byton M-Byte :

This car has been fitted with dashboard camera and also offers 5g internet connectivity.It posses 48 inch screen on dashboard.It comes in two variants;72 kwh & 95 kwh battery types.

Above all, it offers 4WD with 390 km real range in one charge,real range can also differ with seasons.It can accelerate to 100 kmph in 5.5 Sec and provides maximum power of 300 kw.There are few concepts like this,looks ok but offers amazing features,thus,we are including it in our list of top 10 Concept cars for the year 2020. Byton M-Byte E-vehicle e-car automobile concept car
Byton M-byte

10.Tata Sierra EV concept :

Tata sierra is the thoroughly an electric SUV concept.Clearly,this vehicle is the re-incarnation of its 90’s heart-throb Tata Sierra SUV.Its estimated price is around INR 14 lakh.

This car was in limelight during recent Auto Expo 2020.Soon,this electric SUV can be seen on Indian roads.Indian things,undoubtedly needed to be included in the list of top 10 concept cars for the 2020 because there are few,actually.

Tata sierra EV concept Electric vehicle electric car automobile India
Tata Sierra EV Concept (Picture Credits : Times of India)

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