CAR-ONA MAINTENANCE : 5 Tips To Maintain Your Vehicle In This Lock-down

Greetings Everyone , we have gathered the important points of Do’s & Dont’s this lock-down in this blog ” Car-ona maintenance “to keep your vehicle safe & soon.


We already know that India is going through the phase of Global Pandemic COVID-19,which has been a disaster for many countries,till date about 208 countries are affected by it (source :,as a precautionary measure,our country has gone into a 21 days lock-down.To follow that,all usual activities of the country had to stop.

Which resulted in many companies and government departments going into Work from Home (WFH) mode,thus affecting the regular usage of vehicles on road.

This has been a good news for our lungs as pollution levels in the cities like Delhi,which are  famous for their pollution,have gone exponentially low.On the other hand,it had resulted in many vehicles being Laid up for about a month and therefore,we need to pay heed about ‘how are we going to take care of our vehicles in such a situation?’.

Thus,Team has put up all their knowledge together to present you with a write up on how to maintain your vehicles during such lay ups of the vehicles.

But before we move to those tips,we sincerely want to apologise for the weird title we have given to our blog :D.

Everyone knows that we aren’t gonna use our vehicles for about a month now and this will definitely be affecting the health of our vehicles.As vehicles vital and moving parts can fail,when we try to start it again after a month.It is better to take precaution rather than facing problems afterwards.When every one will be in a hurry,you might not want to lose your precious time ,after a month of sitting idle.You don’t want to google Mechanic near me at such crucial times,do you ?

So,here are some quick and worthwhile tips for vehicles :

1.Start your vehicle once in a week,at least :

Though,it depends on the type of battery your vehicle possesses but if you want your vehicle be ready to use when you need it after the lockdown or in between,you need to start your vehicles on a regular basis for 10-12 minutes.

To be on a safer side,if you use an old vehicle or the battery isn’t in a good condition,start your vehicle in 2-3 days gap at least to avoid problems afterwards.

The reason behind such practice is to smoothen your engine regularly .

It is recommended that you also move your vehicle for 10-15 metres at least ,if not more.This will free your vehicle’s vital parts for further smooth rides/drives.

Benefits of doing it :
  • Will recharge your vehicle’s battery.
  • Smoothen your vehicle’s engine and other vital parts.

2.Check your Fuel tank : 

car, dashboard, gauges

In petrol powered vehicles,if fuel tanks are partially filled then there is a probability of condensation to take place as there is some space for the moisture.This results in dampening of fuel tank and can cause corrosion .

If you have already filled up your tank thoroughly before the lock-down,then there is nothing to worry about.

In Diesel engines,there is no problem.Diesel can remain in its normal form for about a year,even if it is exposed to air.On the other hand,Petrol starts to degrade,if exposed to air.

Benefits : 
  • Save your fuel tank from corrosion.
  • Will not damage the carburetor.

3. Move your vehicle once in a week : 

When your vehicle (4 wheeler) is parked for a longer duration & if the brakes are engaged,it could seize.This would be because of corrosion or brakes could jam because of its continued application.This Car-ona maintenance tip quite important for your safety.

It is always recommended that you don’t apply hand brakes when vehicle is parked for more than a week.But it doesn’t mean that you leave your vehicle insecure.Do this,only if your vehicle is parked at your own parking,safe and secure.

To avoid jamming your brakes ,please move your vehicle back and forth at regular durations once in a week.

4.Check your tyres regularly : 

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Car-ona Maintenance point no. 4 is : If possible,always use nitrogen to inflate your tyres because it doesn’t contract or expand easily.So,when we lay up our vehicles for longer duration,tyres will remain in good shape to be used for a ride.

Further,if you haven’t used nitrogen to inflate your tyres,when this lockdown lifts,please ensure that your tyres are in good shape to be used.If they are not,please use portable tyre inflator to at least make your tyres fit to be used for the movement.

5.Clean your vehicle : 

It is always better to keep your vehicle clean but,when you do this by yourself at your home ,make sure that you don’t leave your vehicle wet.Make sure,water didn’t enter your fuel tank and water isn’t left stored on to some vital part.It will end up in corrosion of the vital parts.So,always make sure you dry your vehicle thoroughly after washing it.

During such times,it is also important that you sanitise your vehicle thoroughly,if you have used your vehicle during the lock-down. You can use normal soap water,it will kill virus as alcohol based cleaners aren’t preferable for vehicles.Respective point is the most important point regarding Car-ona maintenance.

sanitise vehicles,cars,corona,covid-19,wuhan,china,mechanic

Clean the dust below the viper blades regularly.

Open the windows of the four wheelers for sometime daily and use air fresheners,otherwise your vehicle will smell like a rotten egg.

Make sure no rodent,cat or dog has made a resting place under your vehicle.

There have been many stories that rodents have damaged the whole wiring and hand brake assembly of the vehicles,when the vehicle had been laid up for a longer duration.

So,before going to use your vehicle again,when this dark phase goes,make sure that your vehicle is in good shape and no creature has made it a resting place.

At last,We again appeal to our readers and customers that please “Stay Home Stay Safe” and take good care of your vehicle also.

After this lock-down lifts,we will ensure everything about it.

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