E-VEHICLES : The new spice of the vehicles’ industry

Electric vehicles or simply EVs are turning out to be a huge success among the younger generation, which has always been appreciative of the nature-caring technologies. Even the Indian government has significantly encouraged several initiatives for the EVs.

The 2020 Auto Expo has been all about electric mobility, and right from home-grown automakers like Tata Motors and Mahindra to global brands like Renault and Kia Motors, several manufacturers showcased their best electric cars. From new launches to first time showcases, we saw a range of EVs at the Motor Show. Here we have listed down our top picks from the electric vehicle line-up on display at the 2020 Auto Expo.

Elon Musk, the prolific owner of Tesla has been instrumental for the EV industry, he has radically propagated his aspirations regarding the EVs. The most pressing question Tesla faces now is,whether as electric cars move further into the mainstream, can it hold on to its early lead ? The electric car market is about to become intensely crowded, as every major brand launches battery-powered models to meet emissions targets in Europe and China.

Tesla Roadster,Aston Martin RapidE and Harley-Davidson Live Wire.
Tesla Roadster,Aston Martin RapidE and Harley-Davidson Live Wire.

TATA, Renault, Kia motors, MG and Mahindra every major giant in the vehicle industry has come out with its own blend of EV, as depicted in the Auto expo. Indian industry has appreciated and modified the EVs according to Indian needs and standards. Apart from this, industry has also made charging easy through various methods. The good news is, charging an electric vehicle is actually very safe and easy when done with proper, safety certified equipment. The challenge is that not ALL charging stations on the market are independently tested for safety and certified. However as the EVs are growing by leaps and bounds,it could be assumed that we would see a lot of new charging stations and technology coming up in a few months,which would be following all government laid norms(Standards given by Committee on Standardisation of Protocol for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure).

According to the official notifications of the Government of India, “private charging at offices and residences would be permitted and encouraged. Public charging stations have even made a de-licensed activity and any individual and entity is totally free to establish it.

”Citing this sort of encouragement of the Power Ministry, we can assume the response of the private players. As it would mean the end of red flagging for the auto industry, which has been a target of everyone ever since the debate of climate change started.


Safety issues in E-vehicles :

Though engineers have taken care of all the issues related to safety of E vehicles before presenting it to the masses but when there is current involved, extreme care must be taken care of.

To check the issues,engineers have made E-vehicles and their charging stations 100% waterproof and when DC current involved,there is nothing much to worry about.

However,the most concerning safety issue regarding EVs is Frequent fire during collisions because of the Lithium-Ion Battery involvement.We hope,this issue has been tackled effectively by the E vehicles’ industry.

Fire in the Lithium-Ion Batteries is because of Short Circuit within the Battery’s Cells resulting in generation of extreme heat.This heat is capable of igniting the chemicals within the battery which ultimately results in the condition known as Thermal Runaway (Escalation of Fire).

There has always been a debate between which kind is safer,EVs or Gasoline powered vehicles for which Tesla says “Gasoline powered cars are about 11 times more likely to catch fire than a Tesla car”.

Further,there are 3 lac Teslas on the road have been driven a total of 7.5 Billion miles,and only 40 fires have been reported i.e 5 fires/Billion miles travelled compared to rate of 55 fires /Billion miles travelled in Gasoline powered cars.

We Indians hope that the government has taken care of ensuring the number of E vehicle charging stations pan India like multiple fuel stations currently covering the whole country.

Standards given by the Committee on Standardisation of Protocol for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure :

  • Bharat EV charger AC-001.
  • Bharat EV charger DC-001.
Flow Chart as shared by the Committee on Standardisation.
Flow Chart as shared by the Committee on Standardisation.

EV chargers are also known by the name Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.

In an energy deficient country like India,the government must acknowledge how are we going to counter the sudden increase in the electricity load,when sales of the E-vehicles would be at its full flow ?

Top 5 E-Vehicles launching in 2020 :

Four Wheelers :

Upcomig E Cars and SUV's .
Upcomig E Cars and SUV’s .
  1. Hyundai Kona Electric : Priced at Rs 23.71 lac (Ex-Showroom,Delhi) for its Premium variant.It runs upto 450 Km when charged fully.
  2. MG ZS EV : Priced at Rs 20.88 Lac (Ex-Showroom,Delhi).
  3. Tata Nexon EV : Priced at Rs 13.99 lac (Ex-Showroom,Delhi) for its XM variant.
  4. Ford/Mahindra Aspire Electric : Expected to cost between Rs 13 lac to Rs 15 Lac.
  5. Mahindra e-Verito : Priced at Rs 10.11 lac (Ex-Showroom,Delhi) for its D2 variant.

Two Wheelers :

E-Bikes and E-scooters launching 2020
Electric Two wheelers launching in 2020
  1. Ather 450X Pro : Priced at Rs 1.59 lac (Ex-Showroom,Bengaluru).
  2. Bajaj Chetak : Priced at Rs 1.15 lac (Ex-Showroom,Delhi).
  3. Vespa Elettrica : Estimated to be priced in the range of Rs 90,000 to Rs 1 Lac.
  4. RV 400 : Priced at Rs 1.47 lac (Ex-Showroom,Delhi) For its Premium variant.
  5. Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter : Expected to be priced at Rs 1.30 Lac.

At last,we would wrap up the article by adding that E vehicles are the need of the hour as we are facing the severest phase of pollution with diminishing levels of the crude oil resulting in the hike of fuel rates globally.

E-vehicles will definitely be going to change the world’s view towards the regressive means of commutation causing pollution and fuel wars thus resulting in damage of flora and fauna,sinking economies of the nations and lower Quality of life index.EVs revolution would definitely be going to curb always increasing pollution levels and would present cheaper means of commutation.

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