5 Routine Maintenance Tips For Your Car

Greetings Everyone,we have brought some nice & easy tech tips to maintain your car by yourself.Read below ” 5 Routine Maintenance Tips for Your Car “

Team OnwayMechanic.in has compiled a list of suggestions that will help you all in maintaining your vehicles and thus reducing its maintenance cost.These suggestions mostly could be done without any assistance by any mechanic but if you don’t understand some of the suggestions or have doubts,Please do refer a mechanic/technician or just drop us a message,our mechanic will assist you over a call.So,putting this all aside let’s go through the article,below are the suggestions ;


Oil is the lifeline of the engines as it lubricates the moving and stationary parts of the engine thus saves it from wear and tear,increasing the life of the engine.Therefore,engine oil needs to be checked regularly whether you are a frequent driver or not. Engine Oil needs to be changed every :

  1. 10,000 to 15,000 km for PETROL ENGINE.
  2. 7,000 to 7,500 km for DIESEL ENGINE.

With oil,oil filter also needs to be changed every time to maintain the health of your engine as it maintains the purity of the oil and protects engine from any impurity being injected with the engine oil.

This can be done by self but it could turn little messy for an amateur,so we suggest to save your oil from being wasted,it would be better if it is handled by the mechanics only.

Also we think that this is the most important point among 5 Routine Maintenance Tips as without it your engine could even seize


Engine coolant and Brake oil containers of Ford EcoSport and Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo.

Other important fluids in a car include coolant and brake oil.They are as important as engine oil for the proper running of engine and for the long life of your car.

Coolant is used to control the temperature of the engine,so that it doesn’t exceed maximum permissible temperature limit.Further engine temperature is controlled by radiator as well,which uses air flow to control the engine temperatures if engine coolant is below the engine temperature.It uses fan along with it to control the temperatures.

Though the time of refilling the Engine coolant differs from vehicle to vehicle but it is advised by the technicians that it would be better if you refill the coolant after every 3-5 years .Further it depends on how frequent and to what extent you are using your car.

About Brake Oil,it is recommended that it must be changed after every 2 years or 40,000 km whichever is earlier.

Brake oil (also known as Hydraulic Fluid) is normally Glycol fluid,which is common in cars with Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) whereas Silicone based brake oils are used in cars without ABS.

It is a fluid which is filled inside the brake lines.Without Brake oil,even after keep you pushing brake pedals,your car won’t stop.

To check the levels of coolant and brake oil :

a.Open the bonnet of your car,you would find two containers (as shown in the images attached),one of Brake oil and the other of Engine coolant.

b.Both containers have ‘Maximum and Minimum’ level markings on it .

c. Check the markings and if found necessary change the fluids.

For it please visit a nearby mechanic because it is important to flush out the old fluids before refilling them with new fluids.So leaving it to professionals will save your efforts,time and money.

3.Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter :


Air filter and cabin air filter are similar because both of them purify and filter the air but their area of performance is slightly different .

Air filter normally purifies the air that flows into the engine whereas Cabin Air Filter purifies the air that flows into the cabin.

Air filters must be changed after every 20,000 km or every year,whichever occurs first.Further,it must also be cleaned manually on regular basis.You can do so by visiting any nearby mechanic or if you want to save some money,you can do it by yourselves.

Air filters are quite important and a key component for the combustion inside the engine.Clean air means efficient combustion of the fuel .

Same procedures must be followed for Cabin Air Filters as it can affect your health. You might be inhaling poisonous gases because of unclean Cabin Air Filter.

4. Tyre Pressure and Treads :


Tyre pressure must be checked regularly mainly before going on a long journey.Appropriate pressure helps in the stability of the vehicle.If you want to maintain the mileage of your vehicle,you can use 1 or 2 points more than what is recommended in the manual and if you want your vehicle have a stable cabin while driving go for 1 or 2 points less than recommended,mainly for the long journey.

To maintain the health of the tyre,presently most of the tyre companies are recommending Nitrogen to be filled into the tyres.

Benefits of Nitrogen :
  • Increases the life of the tyre.
  • Nitrogen expands and contract comparatively less to the normal compressed air.
  • There will be less moisture inside tyres ,therefore less corrosion.
  • Nitrogen doesn’t heat up as quickly as the normal air thus provides more stability.

Now a days,visual inspection is difficult for the kind of tyres now companies are using in their cars.Radial tyres must be checked through the tyre pressure indicator as it is difficult and thus pressure must be maintained according to the manual that came along with the vehicle.

Tyre pressure recommended for different categories :
  • Sedan class : 32-33 psi (F) | 29-30 psi (R)
  • SUV Class : 32-35 psi (F) | 30-32 psi (R)
  • Hatchback : 29-33 psi (F) | 29-33 psi (R)

Further,tyre treads must be checked regularly with any bulge horizontally or vertically to avoid any mishap.

There are indicators on the tyres to check the treads conditions of the tyre and thus makes it easy to take a decision of changing tyres or not.

There are bright coloured indicators normally perpendicular to the tyre treads.

If treads seem all flat,you must replace the tyre with the new one.

5.Wheel Balancing and Alignment :

Wheel balancing

Wheel Balancing is the process of equalising the weight of tyre and wheel,combinedly.This is done for the purpose of smooth rotation of wheels at high speeds ignoring which might result in steering wheel wobbling even when vehicle is running on a smooth road.

Wheel Balancing :

During Wheel Balancing process,technicians calculate the required weight for the particular wheel using the machines installed in the workshop and thus stick grams of weight accordingly to balance all the wheels resulting in the smooth ride.

Wheel Alignment :

Meanwhile,Wheel Alignment is the process of aligning all the wheels in a particular direction as prescribed by the vehicle companies respectively in case of four wheelers mainly.

In this,vehicle is uploaded over wheel alignment machine (presently computerised machines are used) and technicians after reading the details from the screen make changes accordingly.

In earlier times it was done manually,it was effective but time consuming .

You can get wheel balancing and alignment done in any nearby authorised tyre dealer within 15 minutes.

But you must not avoid both as it results in wear and tear of tyre soon before the normal life of the tyre and it could be dangerous sometimes if ignored.

So to save money and to avoid any mishaps you must keep going for Wheel balancing and alignment regularly after every 1000 km or after you feel your vehicle is not moving in line as before.

If you follow these 5 Routine Maintenance Tips on a routine basis with some easy check-ups like removing dust particles from the viper,checking the lights and electronics your vehicle will do good,perform smoothly and would definitely lower the maintenance cost.

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    Oil filter also needs to be changed every time to maintain the health of your engine as it maintains the purity of the oil and protects engine from any impurity being injected with the engine oil.


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