Activa 125 BS6|The Sixth Generation Sensation

After the launch of Activa 5G (109.19 cc),   Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India pvt. Ltd.   came up with all new   Activa 125 BS6.   Prior to it, Activa 125 came under BS6 norms back in 2017. Now,after seeing the pressure from NGT and the government over emission standards and to remain a frontrunner in the automobile market, Honda took no time in launching all new   Honda Activa 125 BS6    in September 2019.

Honda Activa is probably the first BS6 compliant scooter to be launched in India and Honda left no stone unturned in making it class apart. Honda is known for its before time projects and have always been future oriented. 

There are mixed ratings for the vehicle ranging from 3.5/5 to 4.5/5 on various portals,so we would be refraining from judging the vehicle on some number scale rather we would be sharing our ride experience and providing you with some technical specifications of the vehicle thus leaving it to you to form your own opinion regarding the vehicle.


1. Display Console 

Consists of Digital and Analogue display (in fully loaded variant).

  • Analogue display :  Consists of a Speedometer only.
  • Digital display  : Consists of Odometer | Tripmeter | Current Fuel Mileage | Average Fuel Mileage (AVG) | Available Driving Distance (RANGE). 
Display Console consisting of Analogue and Digital Display
Apart from the above mentioned features,console contains : 
  • Service Due Indicator.
  • Clock Display.
  • Turn indications.
  • Side stand indicator.
  • Eco indicator.
  • Malfunction Indicator lamp.
  • High beam indicator.
  • Auto Idle control indicators.
  • And there is a SEL(ect) button beside digital display with which we can shuffle around various features of it.
2. Switches : 

All other features regarding switches on the handlebar remain the same with few additions like  Pass Switch,Auto idling control switch and Fuel lid/Seat opener switch.

Auto Idling control switch is one amazing feature and we liked it the most but along with merits it has some demerits also.

Merits :
  • Saves fuel.
  • Reduces Noise.
  • Activates the engine with a simple throttle.
Demerits :
  • Can become irritating in traffic after we cross the speed of 10 km/hr.
  • When the Auto idling control button is on in the traffic,it will keep turning the engine idle
      continuously which might turn irritating for a rider.
  • Also,It affects the battery when multiple stops are taken because the headlamp would
     keep running.
Switches,Key Console and a Glove Box on the right
3.Engine specifications : 

Activa 125’s most prominent upgrade is expensive Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) technology but it would definitely be saving some money and fuel expenses of the consumers.

  • Engine type             : Single Cylinder Fan Cooled Four Stroke,BS VI.
  • Displacement          : 123.97 cc
  • Bore x Stroke          : 50.000 x 63.121 mm
  • Compression Ratio : 10 : 1
  • Maximum Power     : 8.29 PS @ 6500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque    : 10.30 Nm @ 5000 rpm
4.Other Features :

Braking : Combi Braking System with Disc brakes in front wheel and Drum brakes in rear.

Lights   : LED headlights with two extra lights and the Indicators,all in white colour while LED tail lamps in red.

Bright White Headlamp and Body Lights.
Battery : 12 V , 4 Ah (10 HR)

Tyre : With the application of BS VI norms here seems a slight change in the size of the front and the rear wheel.

  • Front :  90/90  – 12 inches
  • Rear  : 90/100 – 10 inches
  • Radial and Tubeless tyre.
Pressure :
  • Front – 22 psi (with or without pillion)
  • Rear  – 29 psi (Rider only) , 36 psi (Rider + pillion)

Wheel type : Alloy (in deluxe and alloy wheel variants)

Fuel Tank : 5.3 L

Underseat storage : 18 L.

Ground Clearance & Wheel base : 169 mm & 1260 mm
  • Honda Activa BS 6 Underseat Storage
  • Honda activa 125 BS 6 Lights
Suspension :
  • Rear suspension is a three step adjustable spring loaded hydraulic type.
  • Front is Telescopic type.

Mileage :  60 kmpl (ARAI)

Lock and key :  Handle Lock console consists of three positions.

Off/Lock > Petrol/Seat > On/Ignition with Shutter to cover key hole. Shutter could be removed by the graved design on the back of the key.

Additional features include : Glove box at front,Two Carry hooks,Side stand engine cut off system,Chassis number display box,metal footrests,external fuel tank,Chrome covered sides and front and comparatively better main stand than before.


In addition to the above features,Activa 125 BS VI have different no-noise self start using alternating current generator starter motor which also helps in Idling stop system.

Note : Features shared above are of the Deluxe variant.     

We experienced that the new BS VI engine provides comparatively silent and smooth start but after that,engine sounds more like a bike than a scooter (because of 4 Stroke engine).Braking seems better than ever and we found suspensions appropriate although front suspension felt little stiff may be because of the new vehicle we rode.So we are giving it to the advantage of Honda for a month or so.

Liked the most :
  • Silent Self Start.
  • Auto Idling Control System.
  • Display console and loved the bright White Lights.
  • Engine Efficiency and PGM-FI.
  • Bigger Front Wheel than the Rear one.
  • 3 point Adjustable Rear suspension . 
Turned us off :
  • Vibrations,some because of the accessories installed and some because of the different new engine.
  • Headlamp of the vehicle is not well placed.The fall of the light is pretty far for the rider and this makes it uneasy for the rider to see objects clearly at the distance of 15-18 feet.Though this problem didn’t exist in previous models.
  • There is an incy wincy difference between the upper and dipper positions of Headlamp.So,you may not be able to find any difference between both.
  • Side body and Rear wheels seem out of proportion.
  • It costs a lot.

In Bhopal,it costs around Rs 95,000 on-road without extended warranty.

The external fuel lid is really a relief from the company’s side to the loyal customers of Honda motorcycles & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.

External Fuel Lid

At the end of the article,we must say that Honda has worked really hard for Honda Activa 125 BS6 and once again proved that they remain ahead in technology wars but Honda played a bet depending on the loyal customers as the rates of the vehicle have gone really high this time.Despite,this might turn off some potential buyers but we found Activa 125 BS6 as an efficient vehicle producing low emissions and providing better experience for the rider with its easy sitting and ride plus it spares your lungs from the harmful gases and particulate matters.

To sum it up in a line :Honda  Activa 125 BS VI is an Easy,Fuel efficient and a greener ride than ever.



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